By Ambassador Lindsay McClelland

Waking up at 4:30 a.m., hungry all the time, and remembering how much I love vaseline can only mean one thing…it’s marathon training season. My training has begun and I’m on my way to running my eighth and ninth marathons this year. I’ll be heading to the windy city to run Chicago in October and of course take on the Chevron Houston Marathon in January.

The hardest part for me about training is getting started. Once I hit the road and start running I remember why I do it. I love the challenge, the competition, and definitely the social aspect. Running for two plus hours at the crack on dawn on a Saturday morning is one of the best ways to make friends!

After training for a fall marathon through the summer last year (my first in Houston), I declared that it wasn’t going to happen again. Well, big surprise…oops I did it again! As most runners can probably attest, once you get the bug it sticks, regardless of how hot and humid it may be. As I embark on my second summer in Houston, I’m somewhat more prepared for the heat and humidity. Although, I do remain cautious as the weather can take a huge toll on my body.

One of my biggest challenges lately has been my hydration and nutrition. I need to try something new and am ready to start experimenting with different ways to stay healthy and energized on my long runs. How do you stay hydrated while running in the Houston heat? I’d love to hear your suggestions and advice, just send me a tweet to @LindsayLm and I’ll give it a try!

About the Author: Lindsay McClelland

Lindsay is a 26-year-old PR & social media professional at MMI Agency in downtown Houston. About a year ago, she moved to Houston from Honolulu, HI to be closer to her fiance. While she does miss living in paradise, she’s fallen in love with her new city and it’s countless opportunities. She loves everything active, outdoorsy and fitness related. Her hobbies include running, crossfit, hiking, yoga, reading, dining out, writing, and traveling. She is a former collegiate swimmer and still loves to coach!  Lindsay has run seven marathons and more half marathons than she can count…she’s even dabbled in a few triathlons. Here in Houston, she trains with Kenyan Way. She comes from a very active family. Her father is also a runner and the Houston Half Marathon was his first half marathon ever, she had a blast sharing the experience with him last year. Her mom is a former professional ice dancer and is obsessed with tennis.
Twitter – @Lindsaylm
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