Houston Marathon Committee, Inc. (HMC) Code of Conduct and Safety Information

Safety is our top priority. We work closely with local public safety agencies to provide a safe and secure event. Please read important information below from our race officials.

PACKET PICK-UP: All runners must have a valid, government-issued photo ID to pick up their packets. A photo ID is not required for children 17 and under. Participants are limited to picking up ONE additional race packet for another person.

BAGGAGE INSPECTION/GEAR CHECK: On race weekend, all bags and items may be subject to search. To expedite lines and avoid bag searches, we discourage bringing any bags other than the race-issued clear Gear Check bag. Clear Gear Check bags will be provided to all registered runners at Packet Pick-Up in the EXPO. Runners may check their clear Gear Check bag in the GRB on Race Day. Clear bags containing other bags will not be accepted.

START CORRALS: No bags of any kind will be allowed in the start corrals or on the course. ‘Camelbacks’ or other similar hydration systems are allowed.

RUNNING ETIQUETTE: Be considerate of those around you and be aware of your surroundings.  Do not run in groups of more than three abreast. Do not stop abruptly for any reason.  The wearing of headphones is discouraged.

COURSE TIME LIMITS: Participants are not allowed on the course after the streets are reopened to vehicular traffic. If you fall behind the pace, you will be asked by HPD to take the race-provided SAG transportation to the finish area.

MOBILE DEVICES: Do not stop abruptly to take photographs on the racecourse or on the finish line. Be aware of the people around you and do not create an obstacle for others. Avoid taking a photograph if you are in a pack or crowd if there are other participants directly behind you. The use of selfie sticks is prohibited for your safety and the safety of those around you.

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: If you see a runner in distress, offer assistance and alert the nearest race official. If the situation appears to be urgent, call 911. Visit our website to learn about Hands-Only CPR and how you can help save a life!

SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING: If you see suspicious behavior, make the call. Notify a race official, uniformed official or call 911.


  • Download the Chevron Houston Marathon mobile app and Click “Ok” to receive notifications. Push notifications may be sent out with important race alerts.
  • Follow the Chevron Houston Marathon Instagram and Facebook page
  • Visit the HoustonMarathon.com website.
  • Tune to Channel 13 (ABC13) or espn3.com on race day from 7 – 10 a.m.
  • Visit abc13.com on race day beginning at 7 a.m. to watch a live stream of the elite race and the finish line cameras.

In case of emergency, the above resources will be the best places to receive the latest information about the event.

Houston Marathon Committee, Inc. Prohibited Items/Actions List*

For the safety of our runners, volunteers, spectators, sponsors and vendors, the following items and actions are prohibited from all race weekend events and venues:

  • Weapons of Any kind
    • Firearms; the carrying of firearms is prohibited at race weekend sanctioned events, in addition, firearms are explicitly prohibited in Discovery Green and in the George R. Brown Convention Center in race weekend licensed areas, which include, but are not limited to the EXPO and all race day areas.
      • Please note: There are many venues used throughout race weekend that have their own rules and regulations regarding the carrying of firearms and other items; these rules are beyond the control of the HMC.
    • Knives, including, but not limited to: swords, spears, daggers, sabers, bowie knives, any knife with a blade and machetes.
    • In addition, any item that could be considered dangerous including, but not limited to: mace, tasers, knives, bats, tools, and sharp objects.
  • Bags
    • Only the official clear bag provided at Packet Pick-Up/EXPO will be accepted at Gear Check on race day.
    • No bags of any kind will be allowed in the start corrals or on the course. ‘Camelbacks’ and similar hydration systems are permitted.
    • Except as is provided in this section, bringing bags of any type is discouraged.
    • All bags are subject to search.
  • Miscellaneous Items:
    • Costumes that cover the face and any bulky costumes that extend beyond the body, with the exception of masks worn for health purposes (i.e. surgical masks)
    • Unmanned aircraft systems, drones, photography mini-copters
      • The taking off and flying over of any part of the course is a violation of HMC controlled property and will be considered trespassing. In addition, all photographs and video recordings of the event are considered property of the HMC.
    • Selfie sticks and other hand-held extension poles for cameras and mobile devices that are not attached directly to the user
    • Flammable liquids, fuel, fireworks, flare guns, explosives
    • Illegal substances of any kind
    • Animals, including pets
    • Glass containers
    • Coolers
    • Headphones – the HMC highly discourages the use of headphones on the race courses. If you are wearing headphones, make sure you can hear what is going on around you and be aware that emergency vehicles may be on the course at any time.
    • Strollers, bicycles, roller blades/skates, skateboards, wheelbarrows and wagons
      • Any item with wheels, beyond what is allowed in the Athletes with Disabilities division of the events
    • Props and anything that may pose a tripping or safety hazard or may divert the attention of a runner from the road or other runners on the course
      • Examples include, signs, sports equipment, and oversized flags or flagpoles
    • All participants are subject to the USATF and World Athletics Competition Rules.
  • Bandit Runners
    • Only registered runners wearing their personally assigned bib may participate in the Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Houston Half Marathon and We Are Houston 5K.
    • No one is permitted to be on the race courses without an official race bib for the event in which they have been registered.
      • In addition, registered participants are prohibited from crossing the finish line with anyone who is not wearing an official race bib, including children.
    • The Houston Marathon does NOT allow the transfer of registrations/bibs to others.
    • Registered runners who give their bib to another person and the person to whom the bib is given will be disqualified and prohibited from participating in subsequent Houston Marathon events for a minimum of two years.