Local Elites

Become a Local Elite for the 2022 Events

Local Elite status and invitation to the 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon are awarded to the first* local finisher per category meeting the minimum qualifying standards (see table below) in the 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon AND each of the selected 2021 Local Qualifying races indicated below. 

The following rules apply:

  • Only one person in each category will be invited to the 2022 Local Elite Program
  • Only the events listed in the qualifying standards will be used for local elite qualification
  • Virtual races will not be considered eligible for local elite qualification
  • Qualified local elite runners may register for the 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon or Aramco Houston Half Marathon
  • In the event that the first local finisher in a category has already qualified and been invited in a previous event, the invitation will be extended to the next local finisher in the same category who meets the minimum qualifying standards
  • Age group qualification is determined by the athlete’s age on race day at the race they are competing in to qualify for the 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon. (e.g. If you are using the Space City 10 Miler to qualify, your qualifying time is based on your age on race day for the Space City 10 Miler)

For more information on local elite/invited runners, please email elite@houstonmarathon.com.

* First place is determined by gun time at finish of each qualifying race.

2022 Local Elite Qualifiers

Congratulations to our 2020/2021 Local Elite Finishers!

Below is the list of local athletes who have qualified at the 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon,  2021 Space City 10 Miler, 2021 Houston Half Marathon Presented by Houston Striders, 2021 HMSA Classical 25K and 2021 Fort Bend Kia 30K and are eligible to compete in the Local Elite program in the 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon.

2020 Chevron Houston Marathon Men Women
Open Gabe Cuadra Starla Garcia
40 Chris Stelzer Sarah Cherington
50 Todd Merchant Peggy Yetman
60 Joe Killeen Pam Butler
Other Local Invited Runners Men Women
Most Houston Marathon Finishes Jack Lippincott Maria Camacho
2003 Houston Marathon Men’s Open Winner Sean Wade
2002 Houston Marathon Men’s Open Winner Drew Prisner
Space City 10 Miler Men Women
Open Christopher Wallace Lauren Stroud
40 Peter Lawrence Flora Lai
50 Allyson Serrao
60 Richard Peoples Lynn Malloy
70 Peter Mullins
Houston Half Marathon
& Relay
Men Women
Open Calem Neff Melissa Fairey
40 Ramon Rosales Anngela Caron
50 Steve Sievert Eugenia Carter
60 Rich Friedrich Suzy Seeley
70 Ben Harvie Gloria Mahoney
HMSA Classical 25K Men Women
Open Mark Mendre-Laske Chelsea Barr
40 Chris Robbins Brooke Smith
50 Garrett Rychlik Lisa Thompson
60 Tim Heitzbel Pam Meaux
Fort Bend Kia 30K Men  Women 

Who is a Local Elite?

To be considered eligible as a “local” for the Local Elite Program, you must be able to prove permanent residence in one of the following 19 counties from the period beginning January 19, 2021 through race day January 16, 2022: Austin; Brazoria; Chambers; Fort Bend; Galveston; Grimes; Hardin; Harris; Jefferson; Liberty; Matagorda; Montgomery; Orange; Polk; San Jacinto; Walker; Waller; Washington; and Wharton.

Minimum Times Standard for Local Elite Qualifying Races

First finisher in each category must run the minimum time standard indicated in the table below.

Space City
10 Miler
Half Marathon
Presented by
Houston Striders
Fort Bend
Kia 30K
2020/2021 Dates 01/19/2020 TBD 10/24/2021 TBD 12/10/2021
Female Open 3:05:30 1:08:04 1:30:11 1:47:35 2:10:03
F40 3:15:25 1:10:19 1:33:10 1:51:30 2:15:23
F50 3:40:19 1:17:06 1:41:09 2:03:16  2:30:51
F60 4:13:05 1:27:57 1:56:33 2:20:51 2:52:40
F70 4:57:17 1:42:22 2:15:40 2:44:18 3:21:54
Male Open 2:44:22 0:58:24 1:17:55 1:33:23 1:53:34
M40 2:48:25 1:01:12 1:21:10 1:36:56 1:57:21
M50 3:03:31 1:06:19 1:28:06 1:45:18 2:07:38
M60 3:21:33 1:12:22 1:36:19 1:55:14 2:19:52
M70 3:43:32 1:19:42 1:46:15 2:07:18 2:34:42

Click here 
to visit the warm-up series race page and learn more about these events. Qualifiers will be notified within 2 weeks following the qualifying event.

2022 Local Athlete Prize Money – TBD

Local Athlete Prize Money awards are given to top local finishers in the following categories for both the Chevron Houston Marathon and Ar