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Check Out Where HOU Can #RunTheBayous

#RunTheBayous with the Houston Parks Board and HOU Ambassadors   Keith Weiss Park on Halls Bayou with #houambassador Lillian “The park is a little hidden from where you park - it was impressive once we entered it - a true hidden gem - it was just beautiful. The trees and lakes and winding paths were

Do Not Give Up Before the Miracle Happens

Do Not Give Up Before the Miracle Happens I am a 46 year old woman who never felt so strong, not even in my twenties. The reason why I feel so strong is because I am not only training my body but most of all, my brain. I became a strong woman that day, when

5 Tips to Stay Motivated for a Virtual Race

5 Tips to Stay Motivated for a Virtual Race As runners, we’ll remember 2020 as the year of the virtual race. From small local 5Ks to marathon majors like Boston and New York, race directors have cancelled live events either due to local governments denying permits or out of an abundance of caution. I think

A Letter to HOU

A Letter to HOU Dear Houston Runners, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Glenda and I am passionate about running. I consider myself a “baby runner” because I have only been running for about six years. I have learned a lot about running, and there is still so much to learn! I love

One Run Turned Into A Legacy

One Run Turned Into A Legacy After graduating from college, I moved to Houston. One of the first things I did was go for a run at Memorial Park. It was fall time and I just remembered it being so crowded. I asked a friend if it was always like that and they told me

Eleven Steps to Success

Eleven Steps to Success I am not a natural distance runner. There I said it. So often, I have people tell me that running is easy for me, or that I am lucky I can run a certain pace. That is so far from the truth. Running is hard, but it does not have to

Remember the Journey

Remember the Journey When it comes to running, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? The distance runs? The PRs? The medals? To be honest, there are a lot of things that come to mind when thinking about running. Start to think about where you started and the people you have met along

Moving Forward, Running Life…One Mile At a Time

Moving Forward, Running Life...One Mile At a Time I remember like it was yesterday when I fainted after going for a simple jog at the park. That moment comes back to my mind each time I run a race. I think of that scene, not because I want to remember that horrific moment, but only

Introducing the 2021 #HouAmbassadors

#HouMarathon Ambassadors Marcelo Valdez - @cronicasdeunrunner I’m 34 years of age, a proud husband, father, and back of the pack runner that has been running the streets of HOU since I moved here in 2015 from El Salvador. I run to beat myself everyday.         Michelle Morton - @mic2lee As a legacy runner of

Get Your Own PR: Why You Never Want to Chase Another Runners Pace

Get Your Own PR! Why You Never Want to Chase Another Runner’s Pace. While channel surfing one Sunday in November 2017, I stumbled across the NYC marathon and caught a glimpse of a woman running to the finish line without a single soul in her wake. I was in absolute awe in that moment, but

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