5 Game-changing lessons that helped me finally run my dream marathon time

5 Game-changing lessons that helped me finally run my dream marathon time By Emilia Benton   The 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon was my 11th time racing the distance and my eighth time doing this specific race. But racing marathons hadn’t exactly been smooth sailing since I ran my first one in New York City at

How to Overcome Fear by Finding Your Motivation

The start of a new journey is always scary. This year, 2022, I found myself in an interesting place. A place many LGBTQ+ community members find themselves in after countless days of imagining all possible outcomes of their “coming out” journey.   How will my friends react? What will my family think?   I reached deep inside

How to Get Out of a Slump

As athletes and as humans, we go through seasons of life. Sometimes we're hitting home runs. Others we find ourselves in the status quo and, well, sometimes, life just feels hard.  With the pandemic taking over our lives since March 2020, my assumption is that we've all hit some pretty low, lows in the last

The Joy is in the Journey

The Joy is in the Journey I have told people for years that I started running as a dare. More recently, my perspective has changed. I started running because someone close to me believed in me. How powerful is that?! The first race I registered for was Chevron Houston Marathon, because my cousin was running

Managing and Adjusting Expectations

Managing and Adjusting Expectations I started running in 2013, after some friends asked me to sign up for a 5k color run. I loved the community and being able to run with my friends, and I worked my way up to a handful of half marathons before I decided to commit to my first full

7 Ways to Uplevel Your Running

7 Ways to Uplevel Your Running Upleveling your running can take place in a myriad of ways. From proper nutrition, hitting pace ranges that elevate your training, to mental strength, so many factors come together to move the needle and uplevel your running. Let's dig in! 1. Consistency - This is one of the first

The InsYde Grind

The InsYde Grind The "insYde grind" is our mental state that creates the foundational purpose for being a healthier person all around.  Understanding the "Y" or the reasons for your grind makes doing it much more important because it will be the reason you overcome "I can't", "I don't feel like" or "This is hard". 

The Power of the Running Community

The Power of the Running Community Less than 130 days till race day! But come January 16, 2022, it'll have been almost two years since the last time we ran the streets of Houston together. If one good thing came out of the last year and a half, it's that more and more people picked