Managing and Adjusting Expectations

Managing and Adjusting Expectations I started running in 2013, after some friends asked me to sign up for a 5k color run. I loved the community and being able to run with my friends, and I worked my way up to a handful of half marathons before I decided to commit to my first full

7 Ways to Uplevel Your Running

7 Ways to Uplevel Your Running Upleveling your running can take place in a myriad of ways. From proper nutrition, hitting pace ranges that elevate your training, to mental strength, so many factors come together to move the needle and uplevel your running. Let's dig in! 1. Consistency - This is one of the first

The InsYde Grind

The InsYde Grind The "insYde grind" is our mental state that creates the foundational purpose for being a healthier person all around.  Understanding the "Y" or the reasons for your grind makes doing it much more important because it will be the reason you overcome "I can't", "I don't feel like" or "This is hard". 

The Power of the Running Community

The Power of the Running Community Less than 130 days till race day! But come January 16, 2022, it'll have been almost two years since the last time we ran the streets of Houston together. If one good thing came out of the last year and a half, it's that more and more people picked

Stay Inspired

Stay Inspired The words “Stay Inspired” have been the two most impactful words for me, and I actively try to live my life by them each day. The reason behind it is simple- without meaningful inspiration to do something, what’s the reason in doing it at all? This mantra became my own after I ran

Introducing the 2022 #HouAmbassadors

#HouMarathon Ambassadors John Bjornstad - @bjornsjp My name is John Bjornstad and I am a PSCM Category Specialist at Chevron. I am a Father to three great young men. I enjoy church, watching my kids play sports, running, lifting weights, riding motorcycles, hiking and anything outdoors. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stout in 20o2

Remember the Journey

Remember the Journey When it comes to running, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? The distance runs? The PRs? The medals? To be honest, there are a lot of things that come to mind when thinking about running. Start to think about where you started and the people you have met along

Moving Forward, Running Life…One Mile At a Time

Moving Forward, Running Life...One Mile At a Time I remember like it was yesterday when I fainted after going for a simple jog at the park. That moment comes back to my mind each time I run a race. I think of that scene, not because I want to remember that horrific moment, but only