Carolina Muriel Guide for Team Catapult Athlete William Laramie Shares her 2023 Race Memories as a First-time Guide in a Marathon


We sat down with Carolina Muriel for a chat about her experience as a first-time marathon guide and here is what she had to say.

You have completed multiple marathons and Ironman races, was this your first time to run as a guide?

No, I have been a Guide for Achilles International, but this was my first Full.

What made you want to be a Guide for this marathon?

I love our race, Chevron Houston Marathon, this race has always been so special to me and I have been so inspired by these athletes and how hard they train on Wednesdays and on Saturdays at the Team Catapult training runs that I attend. When you see an athlete start running longer and longer and not getting tired it is inspiring and I wanted to help someone get to that finish line.

What is a moment at this year’s race you will never forget?

There was a moment at mile 18, you feel the dehydration and being able to be there for someone else at that moment, was huge for me. When I run alone I normally stop there to refuel, but that was not a part of this athlete’s goal plan so we had to keep going. I had to keep going. I remembered all season, I am training for them, I am there for them. I trained for that moment to be better than ever to keep going for the other runner. I had to keep going and we did it together!

There was another moment for the athlete I was pacing, William Laramie, at mile 21 where we got there together and were so excited together and took a beer and felt like we made it! So, we were so excited. We knew we made it, and then William started stretching out before we took off again. This moment as well was a beautiful moment to share, to know we were on pace to make his goal.

What did you learn about William throughout the process?

I have been following him for quite a while, he inspires me a lot as an Ironman. He is a mentally strong athlete. He inspires me so much, so when he asked me to be his Guide, it was an absolute honor to pace someone at his level of athleticism.

What made him choose the Chevron Houston Marathon since he has run other marathons and could run anywhere?

He wanted to keep a 10:50 pace and he had tripped in a previous marathon, and he wanted a course he could trust, he wanted someone he trusted to run with and I always talk about my hometown race. How great it is. He made it to the finish line meeting his goal, and we only stopped at mile 21 to stretch. He loved it and I really think he will come back to run again, I hope!

What would you tell someone considering training to race as a Guide?

This is something if you love to run, you should consider. Being there to inspire and to be inspired by these athletes’ work and mental strength is huge. The athletes and the work you do together will touch your heart and make you a better athlete while you are helping.