By Bryan Kreitz

PR – those letters cause high fives to be passed around like a Hail Mary touchdown pass. Ok, maybe not that much, but it’s still awesome to say. I’m ready to hand out high fives now because I PR’d at a hot and humid June 7th race. Know how I am going to celebrate? I’m placing myself on the DL.

2015 Ambassadors Heather Foley and Bryan Kreitz

The dreaded disabled list (DL). It’s not only a painful thing to hear for one of your star fantasy football/baseball players, but also painful to hear about yourself during training.

Blake asked me earlier this week, “Seriously, what are you on? Just a couple of weeks ago you were running 9/min miles, and now your dropping easy sub 8′s.” I laughed and told him there were no steroids just a lot of long miles, fast miles, and interval work being put in lately. Most people don’t like to hear it takes work to get faster, but that’s the unfortunate truth. The problem is, there can be too much work. And I am suffering because of that.

The pain in my Soleus muscle (calf muscle that runs along your shin) started just a few days ago. I stretched…a little. I iced. Ok, no I didn’t. I really didn’t try to treat it at all. Thought the soreness would go away. Had a great brick workout on June 6th and ran a 23:30(ish) 5k and followed that up at the Houston Heights Fun Run 5K with a 22:38 PR. But I have now paid the price for that PR.

Stairs hurt, walking is ok, but jogging is a no-no. I knew better than this. I’ve over trained before and had injuries, but I thought this time would be different. I thought this time I was stronger and faster, and that I was above training injuries.

Turns out I’m not. I am as human as they come. The human body is an amazing creation, and it is designed to let you know when you are pushing to hard. I chose not to listen to it and it is making itself known it’s not happy.

So instead of waking up tomorrow morning and running my 8 miles, I will be working on RICE.

REST – no jogging/running
ICE – get those gel packs ready
COMPRESSION – got my sleeves on
ELEVATION – get those pillows ready

Consider this a friendly PSA, and learn to listen to your body before you are forced onto the DL like yours truly.

About the Author: Bryan Kreitz

Bryan started running after tipping the scales at 200lbs, and ran his first Aramco Houston Half Marathon in 2006.  It took him four years after that endeavor to attempt another.  After taking another couple of years off, eating correctly and training properly, Bryan began to get his “running” legs.  He has PR’d in four straight half Marathons (2:10, 1:51, 1:50, and 1:47). He also set a PR at the 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon, taking a whopping 45 minutes off his previous best, going from 5:36 to 4:50.  In 2015, he hopes to see the four hour mark fall.  He also PR’d at the Galveston 70.3 by 11 minutes, when he finished in 5:52. Bryan has been married for 11 years and has two wonderful kids.  They are his best cheerleaders ever and are at 95% of his races, which is an amazing commitment on their part. When not running, he enjoys softball, time with the family and racing.
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