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Ellis Andrews

Andrews winning second in his age divison at Xterra Ellis Andrews Age: 67 Hometown: Penticton British Columbia, Canada Occupation: Retired Ellis Andrews became a runner in high school. He ran both track and cross country. His love of the sport has only grown over the years and allowed him to stay health and young. Although

Che Heinroth

Che Heinroth Age: 39 Hometown: Houston, TX Occupation: Co- founder of Without Regrets Foundation Marathons Completed: 2 Che Heinroth is a busy mother of not just one, but three lively daughters. She didn't start running until after the birth of her third daughter. Heinroth was confined to bed rest during the last 16

Brian Haskett

Brian Haskett Age: 40 Hometown: Katy, TX Occupation: IT Industry Marathons Completed: 12 Brian Haskett has had the opportunity to run in new and exciting places. Running has not only allowed him to explore new destinations but is also a daily reminder to be thankful for his health. Haskett's first competitive run was

Steve Boone

Steve Boone Age: 62 Hometown: Humble, TX Occupation: Computer Programmer and owner of American Computer Systems Steve Boone has run 499 marathons to date. He will be completing his 500th marathon this upcoming January in Houston. This year will be Boone’s 25th consecutive year to run the 2012 Chevron Houston Marathon. He completed his first

Abby Crawford

Abby Crawford Age: 30 Hometown: Tyler, TX Occupation: Managing Director, Phoenix Institute Marathons Completed: 2 Abby Crawford has been running distances since she was in the fifth grade and hasn’t stopped. She accomplished her first major race in 2008, The Saint Louis Full, and continues to run half marathons and countless 5K, 10K

Janel Tortorice

Janel Tortorice Age: 39 Hometown: Midtown, Houston Occupation: High School Physics Teacher and Anthropology Adjunct Professor Marathons Completed: 1 For many years Janel Tortorice was unable to run because she carried an extra 170 pounds of weight. In August 2005, she underwent gastric band surgery and has since lost all 170 pounds. Running

James Snell

James Snell Age: 52 Hometown: Dallas, TX Occupation: Vice President of Real Estate Development Marathons Completed: 12 Although James Snell has been running for 19 years, he admits it did not really love running in those early years. At that time he said it was just a convenient way to stay in shape,

Kathy Skillern

Kathy Skillern Age: 48 Deer Park, TX Occupation: First grade teacher Races Completed: 1 Marathon, 2 Half-Marathons At 43-years-old, Kathy Skillern was motivated to start her running journey. She was a mother, worked full-time and on medication for high blood pressure. She tended to deal with stress by eating and made the decision to

Gary Aultz

Gary Aultz Age: 57 Hometown: Houston, TX Occupation: Sales Representative for Office Product and Furniture Races Completed: 22 Marathons Gary Aultz will be running his twenty-third marathon in the memory of his father and brother. Aultz lost his father and brother to addictions, something he has to overcome in his life. Aultz was

Marissa McClellen

Marissa McClellen Age: 31 Hometown: Dickenson, TX Occupation: Stay at home mom Marissa McClellen will be running the Aramco Houston Half Marathon with her husband on their seven-year anniversary. They will be running after losing a combined 200 pounds. Reaching the goal of running a half marathon is something they are proud to

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