McClellen and husband

Marissa McClellen
Age: 31
Hometown: Dickenson, TX
Occupation: Stay at home mom

Marissa McClellen will be running the Aramco Houston Half Marathon with her husband on their seven-year anniversary. They will be running after losing a combined 200 pounds. Reaching the goal of running a half marathon is something they are proud to accomplish together.

McClellen has struggled with her weight most of her life, and during college, she reached a point where she wanted to change the image she saw in the mirror. She changed her major, found a new way of life and started running and weight trained which helped her lose 80 pounds.

“I dedicate a lot of time helping people reach their weight loss and fitness goals. I taught health and physical education – and striving to help children identify positively with exercise,” McClellen said.

In 2009, McClellen started a healthy living website, Let’s Move it Mommas. On her website, she includes healthy recipes, heart-healthy tips, weight loss stories, ways to keep your family active and her running journey.

Her goal for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon is to finish under 2:30:00 and her husband wants to finish under 2:00:00. But her main goal overall is to show people that anything is possible “and that it’s never to late to change your life!” Of those people she hopes their 5-year-old and 2-year-old boys will see them cross the finish line and know they can accomplish anything. The McClellen’s will have their children and parents on race day to cheer them on.

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