Steve Boone
Age: 62
Hometown: Humble, TX
Occupation: Computer Programmer and owner of American Computer Systems

Steve Boone has run 499 marathons to date. He will be completing his 500th marathon this upcoming January in Houston. This year will be Boone’s 25th consecutive year to run the 2012 Chevron Houston Marathon. He completed his first Houston marathon in 1988 and celebrates each 100th marathon at Houston.

Back in 1988, he took for granted that he could easily run the marathon in 3:30:00, something that is harder to do later in life. Boone initially began running because a customer of his bet him that he couldn’t run a marathon. The customer insisted that running was tougher than the current sport Boone was playing, soccer. Boone took the bet and hasn’t looked back since.

“I like running because of the people I have met over the last 24 years and the places I have had the opportunity to run,” said Boone.

“Running marathons greatly changed my life.  My wife and I founded the 50 States Marathon Club, a group of race directors for several events, and fund the Marathon Challenge program which gives finisher shirts to over 8,700 elementary school kids who run the marathon distance during the school year. It is most rewarding to motivate others to take up running.”

To prepare for the Chevron Houston Marathon, Boone trains himself and has recent joined the Texas Trail Nerds. He loves to train in Kingwood, running the greenbelt trails circling the area. Over the years he has seen the sport of running change. His favorite improvement is that this is a higher percentage of women runners.

“Finishing time and performance were the focal point of running 25 years ago, said Boone.”  “Today, performance is important but the camaraderie and social aspects are much more rewarding.”

After completing his 500th marathon here in Houston, he looks forward to visiting with new runners and friends he has made over the past 24 years. “Personal records are important but the true enjoyment of running is sharing the marathon experience with fellow runners,” said Boone.

The following weekend he will continue the celebration with his wife Paula, who has ran over 300 marathons herself. They will either embark on a cruise or fly to Maui, where Boone will run his 501st marathon.

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