Haskett at 2011 Boston Marathon

Brian Haskett
Age: 40
Hometown: Katy, TX
Occupation: IT Industry
Marathons Completed: 12

Brian Haskett has had the opportunity to run in new and exciting places. Running has not only allowed him to explore new destinations but is also a daily reminder to be thankful for his health.

Haskett’s first competitive run was in seventh grade at West Memorial Junior High in Katy, Texas. Years later, he still enjoys running. Running is an outlet for Haskett and is a way to center himself and recharge. But more importantly, running provides “physical health benefits, mental benefits and stress relief, the chance to escape from our constantly connected electronic world, and the feeling of accomplishment from achieving small milestones,” said Haskett.

Among the many impacts running has had on his life, it has proved to be a challenge to his body. Haskett has sustained a number of running-related injuries that sidelined him for almost two years, the only way to avoid surgery. It was a major awaking when he hit the pavement to run again. He is constantly reminded him of how hard it was to start from scratch. His dedication and passion for running has never wavered.

With over 17 years of experience, Haskett is his own trainer as he prepares himself for the Chevron Houston Marathon.  He typically runs along the bayous of northwest Houston.

“My favorite places to run are exploring places when I travel.  My best runs have been in the forests of Germany, the streets of India, the foothills of the Rockies, the French countryside, around the outer walls of Old City Jerusalem, and along suburban trails Spain,” said Haskett. “It’s special to peacefully enjoy these places on foot, exploring and finding hidden gems.”

This past November at the ING New York City Marathon, he was less that two minutes shy of beating his personal record of 2:43:49, which was set in 1999. Haskett’s goal for his forth Houston Marathon is to set a new best time.

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