After graduating from college, affordable access and time for team sports was harder to find so Heather picked up running to keep in shape. She joined Runner’s High Club here in Houston in 2008 and a new family and passion was discovered! She has run over 30 marathons/ultramarathons (including back-to-back finishes at the Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa), but loves all the other distances as well. To keep in the best running shape she can be in, she also regularly does crossfit and yoga. Running motivates her on a personal level, but it also gives her the opportunity to interact with the incredible and vibrant community that exists among runners, and all people who love an active healthy lifestyle. When she does sit still, she likes it to be on a patio on a nice day with live music and friends. This is Heather’s third year in the Ambassador program.

Heather Foley403Name:  Heather Foley
Age: 33
City: H-town
Profession: Downtown Chevron-ite!
Twitter: @haf811
Instagram: @haf811
Blog: I’m still working on this one

Been running since: August 2008

What made you start? I thought it would be a cheap hobby and I wanted to run a half marathon

Training program you follow: I follow a mix of a pretty traditional 3-4 month ramp-up as well as the Crossfit Endurance Program

Best run/running experience: I finished my first 100 Miler this Fall and that will be pretty hard to top. The love-fest between runners/crew/volunteers/organizers of a 100 Miler is pretty epic.

Worst run/running experience: It’s not the race’s fault, but I did the Surfside Marathon in 2012 in hurricane-like conditions on the beach. I was still pretty new to running and hadn’t yet learned about chafing. I had my little ipod shuffle clipped to my hip and I didn’t realize that with all the moisture it chafed me so bad it became affixed to me. peeling that sucker off was the worst. I still have a shuffle shaped scar.

Dream training partner: I wouldn’t turn down a long run with Hal Koerner!!! (or a mountain goat because they would take you on the best mountain trails and probably stop for a lot of snacks.)

Favorite running route: in good ol’ Houston, I really love running the Bayou for the Tolerance Statues and The Wortham Fountain. I like a good loop at Memorial Park because you see so many friends and it makes Houston feel like a small town when you run into so many familiar faces.

Pre-run food: Grain free granola w/ blueberries and almond milk

Post-run food: Pancakes if it’s winter. Pineapple or watermelon if it’s summer.

Training gadget: I just got a new Suunto watch, I think it will be pretty cool once I figure out how to use it.

Goals?  I can’t wait to get Legacy status! I also would like to run on every continent so my ultimate goal is to remain injury free.

Races this season? I had a season of toughies; The Gorge 50K, Transvulcania Ultra, Capt Karls Reveille Peak Ranch 60K, Javalina Jundred and now I can’t wait for my hometown favorite and the best way to kick off every year: The Chevron Houston Marathon.

Favorite non-running activities: Traveling, Crossfit and Yoga

Music: Not unlike the masses, I have had Adele’s 25 album on repeat. But my most favorite band since I’ve been old enough to have one has been Weezer.