The start of a new journey is always scary. This year, 2022, I found myself in an interesting place. A place many LGBTQ+ community members find themselves in after countless days of imagining all possible outcomes of their “coming out” journey.  

How will my friends react? What will my family think?  

I reached deep inside myself for motivation and developed the courage to overcome this fear of telling my family. With their support and one fear down, I plan to conquer many more obstacles and miles that life presents.  

The purpose of this blog is to share my motivation in a way that helps you dig to find your motivation in order to overcome obstacles.   

In 2016, I worked with a talented chef and dedicated runner who encouraged me to run. If I may add, I was reluctant to entertain the idea. However, one day I decided to take a run at the Memorial Park. It was extremely discouraging when I could not complete an entire loop around the park without having to stop to gasp for air. After many tiring days of persevering through the discomfort, I completed the entire loop without stopping! I must include, I may have fainted at the end. I felt so weak I couldn’t help but think “I am way too young to feel this way!” That feeling of fainting, the feeling of gasping for air was my motivation to be better at running. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of an healthy addiction.  

Shortly thereafter I signed up for my first race, the Houston Rodeo 10K. I remember the morning of the race as if it was yesterday. I felt so nervous. I couldn’t help but think of what I got myself into. While standing at the start of the race, I felt like the new kid on the first day of school with no one to talk to. I had to fight the urge to just leave and go home. But then I remembered the day I fainted and how far I have come, or miles I should say. Turning back was not an option. With the signal to the start the race, I embarked on my journey. Shortly after, I was in shock. I had crossed my first ever finish line, a truly unforgettable experience.  

After running many more miles and overcoming numerous other challenges, I signed up for my first full marathon in 2019, the Chevron Houston Marathon. Running this marathon was a huge accomplishment. I continued my passion for running by completing numerous other 5ks, 10ks, Halfs, Fulls, trail runs and even sprint triathlons. With the completion of each race, I am humbled by the amount of support that I am blessed to have received from my family, friends and running partners. Furthermore, I reflect as I cross the finish line of how I felt completing my first loop around Memorial Park. Reflect on how far I have come and how I was able to overcome so much more than I ever expected to through the motivation of family and community. 

The motivation and support I found in the amazing running community of my hometown here in Houston has been invaluable, as has the motivation of being a runner, motivated me to find courage in overcoming obstacles in life.  

I am proud to call my community here my “RunFam” and many of them are my companions serving as a Chevron Houston Marathon Ambassador. I am currently in my third year of that journey and also am now training for the #Ironman triathlon races, The Boston Marathon and dream of becoming an #Ultrarunner.   

In conclusion, if you are trying to overcome a fear or obstacle try what I did! Surround yourself with inspirational, positive energy to motivate you!  

If you’re in Houston, join one of the incredible run clubs! If you’re a part of the LGBTQIA+ community like me, check out Houston Front Runners who run at Memorial Park. If you just want a group of accepting diverse people to run with after work, follow the Freaks Come Out At Night RC.  

See Hou out there!