Citizenship: Australia
Residence: Boulder, CO
Age: 32

Personal Records

10K: 30:37.7 (Paris, 2003)
Half Marathon: 1:08:28 (Berlin, 2007)
Marathon: 2:22:36 (Chicago, 2006)

2011 Races

12/04/11 Las Vegas Half Marathon 1:10:40
09/18/11 Philadelphia Half Marathon 1:15:07
08/06/11 Beach to Beacon 10K 33:16:00
06/26/11 B.A.A. 10K 34:11:00
06/11/11 Bellin Run 10K 34:35:00
06/04/11 Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K 16:27
01/23/11 Cross Internacional Juan Muguerza 6624m 22:59
01/16/11 Cross Internacional de Itálica 8K 27:05:00

Willis is aiming to put on a good show in Houston so she can ensure selection to her 4th Australian Olympic Team. She represented her country in 2000 at 5,000m, in 2004 at 10,000m and ran the marathon in 2008 in Beijing. She holds Australian records at every distance from 2,000m to the marathon. She was slated to run the 2011 Chicago Marathon, site of her personal best in 2006, but had to withdraw due to a foot injury. She rebounded after that with a December victory at the Las Vegas Half-Marathon in 1:10:40 to show she is ready for the competition in Houston.

Willis played field hockey for 15 years, representing her country in international play for three years, before choosing to become a full time runner.