Name: Glauco R. Souza
Age: 43
City: Brasilia, Brazil … but live in Houston since 2003 and in the U.S. since 1989.
Profession: Scientist and Entrepreneur


Twitter: @glauco4

Been running since: a long time ago, but used to swim and play water polo before.  First Marathon was NYC in 1996, when there was no lottery or race-chip.

What made you start? Out of the blue, decided to sign up for the NYC Marathon.

Training program you follow: RW’s Garmin-Ready Marathon Schedule: Sub-3:30

Best run/running experience: NYC 1996 and Houston 2013 Marathons

Worst run/running experience: 2011 Chicago Marathon

Dream training partner: running with friends

Favorite running route: Memorial to Buffalo Bayou

Pre-run food: avocado with honey and lime

Post-run food: tacos or egg sandwich

Training gadget: Garmin and water bottle

Goals? run without dehydrating and enjoy my runs.

Races this season? The Fall Warm-Up series (except the half marathon)

Favorite non-running activities: water polo and volleyball

Music: I enjoy all genres, but audiobooks and podcast when running