Check out the Local Running Club scene in Houston on the HMC site or Houston Area Road Runners Association site. 

  1. You can meet fellow runners and a new social group or two.
  2. You’ll receive coaching and motivation from fellow runners.
  3. You can give motivation and inspiration to other runners.
  4. Running will become part of your weekly routine. Making running part of your routine, it will become second nature to you.
  5. You’ll benefit from structured training and you’ll get in shape.
  6. You’ll hear about the latest running events and news.
  7. You can always find a fellow member to go out and exercise with or go to happy hour with!
  8. You’ll have fun. You could even make friends for life.
  9. You’ll feel more inspired to get out there and train.
  10. If you perhaps don’t know many people in the area, running clubs offer a great way of introducing yourself to local residents.
  11. A good running club can really help you de-stress after a long day.
  12. Beginners are always welcome!
  13. You’ll be able to try out a variety of local routes and incorporate them into your own training. AND you’ll be getting out there and seeing your local community/area.

Thanks to for their list of 50 reasons to join a running club.