The Houston Marathon Committee is “going green,” and making history in the process. For the first time in the U.S., we have pursued a green certification for two separate sporting events in a single weekend – U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon and Chevron Houston Marathon. During race weekend, we collected 21.55 tons of waste and diverted an impressive 79% of collected waste for the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon and 83% for the Chevron Houston Marathon. The green event certification process is underway, and an announcement is expected in early May. Click here to learn more about our green initiatives.

You too can help the Houston Marathon Committee “go green!” Below are 13 fast facts to becoming a green runner:

1. Run or walk more, drive less—run or walk errands, or run or walk to work.

2. Bike or carpool to races or group training runs.

3. Drink less bottled water—drink tap water or use a water filter.

4. Carry water in a reusable aluminum or stainless steel bottle.

5. Pick up litter while you run or walk.

6. Encourage your training group to help keep your training routes green.

7. Support healthy community initiatives that encourage fitness.

8. Only do full loads of laundry, wash with cold water and hang clothes to dry.

9. Buy locally grown and organic produce.

10. Buy Eco-friendly running apparel.

11. Look for opportunities to pass along uses running shoes to groups that will get them to people in need.

12. Mix your own energy drinks, buy bulk powders rather than individual bottles.

13. Encourage the races you participate in to become more sustainable, support their green initiatives and applaud their efforts.