Trae Morris
Age: 42
Hometown: Houston, TX
Occupation: Police Officer

Trae Morris consistently heard comments about his weight, while on duty as a police officer. He was 42 and had spent 17 years as a police officer when he realized he was not nearly in the physical shape that he wanted to be. “I hated running with a passion–still do actually,” said Morris.

Morris knew running was good for him, but needed a hardset goal. He decided to sign up for his first half marathon, the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. His self-imposed training regimen included changing his diet and starting a regular workout routine. To keep himself accountable he joined a local running club, Bay Area Fit. “And I stopped eating those crime fighting power biscuits known as donuts!”

Bay Area Fit posts weekly training schedules for their runners. Morris follows this schedule Monday through Friday and meets up with his running club on weekends. Morris’ fellow police officers have not joined him in his resolution to run, but they support him and his commitment to becoming fit. There may, however, still be an occasional joke thrown around.

Morris is not completely alone in this endeavor. He and his Chief discuss how their training is progressing and swap running tips and tricks. Running began as a discipline that Morris had to train himself to adhere to. He has since overcome his distaste for running, but it will still take him time to come to the point of loving it. “But, I do miss it when I’m not able to run.”

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