By Ambassador Lindsay McClelland

Chevron Houston Marathon Race Weekend is almost here and Houston runners are just buzzing with excitement. As we get closer to the big day, more and more non-runners will start getting pretty pumped too! After all, race weekend is a blast to be involved in whether you’re running or not. So in honor of the big weekend, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about race weekend.

The Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute EXPO:
Race expos are always where the realization that I’m running a marathon that weekend truly hits. Not to mention the fact that I’m a sample fiend (no seriously, just ask my fiancé…we can’t go to H.E.B without stopping for sushi, cheese, and wine samples). I also love checking out all the different booths, learning about other races and making new friends!

The Carbo Loading:
One of my favorite things about collegiate swimming was the carb loading with pasta parties before big meets. I think the excuse to carb load is one of the reasons I started running distance. Eating delicious food with friends and family is definitely one of my highlights of race weekend!

Laying Out My Outfit:
I’ll be the first to admit it…I’m a huge dork! I love laying out my clothes for the race the night before, bib and all, and taking the obligatory social media photos.

Pre-Race Bonding:
There’s no better way to bond with your running buddies than sharing pre-race jitters together early in the morning. Sharing the excitement of walking from the George R. Brown to your corral with friends is a great way to kick off marathon morning.

The Race Itself
Whether you’re running or spectating, the Chevron Houston Marathon is such an exciting event. Some of my favorite things about the race? The amazing signs from spectators (extra points for humor), being encouraged (or encouraging another runner) along the course when the going gets tough, seeing family and friends cheering, running past Houston landmarks, and of course crossing the finish line with a smile!

The Post Race Celebrations
Cold beer tastes its best right after a marathon. I’m looking forward to sipping a post race Michelob Ultra at We Are Houston RunFest this year then heading out to celebrate for the rest of the afternoon!

This year, I’m adding the ABB 5K to my schedule and I’m super pumped! I’m pretty sure it’ll become one of my new favorite things about race weekend.

What are your favorite things about race weekend? Tweet them to me at @Lindsaylm…I’d love to know!

About the Author: Lindsay McClelland
Lindsay is a 26-year-old PR & social media professional at MMI Agency in downtown Houston. About a year ago, she moved to Houston from Honolulu, HI to be closer to her fiance. While she does miss living in paradise, she’s fallen in love with her new city and it’s countless opportunities. She loves everything active, outdoorsy and fitness related. Her hobbies include running, crossfit, hiking, yoga, reading, dining out, writing, and traveling. She is a former collegiate swimmer and still loves to coach!  Lindsay has run seven marathons and more half marathons than she can count…she’s even dabbled in a few triathlons. Here in Houston, she trains with Kenyan Way. She comes from a very active family. Her father is also a runner and the Houston Half Marathon was his first half marathon ever, she had a blast sharing the experience with him last year. Her mom is a former professional ice dancer and is obsessed with tennis.
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