The Power of the Running Community

Less than 130 days till race day! But come January 16, 2022, it’ll have been almost two years since the last time we ran the streets of Houston together.

If one good thing came out of the last year and a half, it’s that more and more people picked up this sport of running. Personally, I know many “non-runners” who have caught the runner’s high and fallen in love with a sport that they once considered punishment.

My running club, Champions Running Association has hit a record number of members this year with many of those members being beginners and looking to grow in their newfound fitness. As I am also sure many other running clubs have hit new membership records as well it can only mean amazing things for the growing running community.

If there is one community that supports, motivates, and sees no race, age, pace, religion, etc., it’s the running community. As one friend of mine put it, “the people in the running community are the best friends you haven’t met yet.”

If you haven’t joined a run club yet, find one in your area. If running clubs aren’t your flavor, head to any local running park and you’re bound to make a connection or two. If that proves difficult, in the age of social media, Instagram can connect you to the people you’ve been looking for. Start with your Houston ambassadors and they will open you up to a new community you never knew existed then work your way out. I can say not only have I connected with a lot of Houston runners but also runners around the country through social media. You’ll have your biggest cheerleaders, supporters, and motivators all in the palm of your hand. Then the coolest part is when you get to meet them in person at various races.

So whether you run alone, run in a club, or run with friends, wherever you go, you can be sure that on race day, we’ll all be cheering each other on to push a little harder, take it mile by mile or simply “don’t give up, you got this.”

I’ll be venturing into new territory this year as I run my very first marathon, but I’ve been fortunate enough to run 10 live Aramco Houston Half Marathons. In every one of those races, whether it was mile 5 or 12, if I slowed down or struggled, spectators and other runners will be the ones to help you find that second wind…or maybe 10th or 15th wind. People you’ve never met will help you through a distance of 13.1 or 26.2 miles that at the end of the day we’re going to run and celebrate together as a community.

See you in January!

Blog written by #houambassador Daniel Dannug