The InsYde Grind

The “insYde grind” is our mental state that creates the foundational purpose for being a healthier person all around.  Understanding the “Y” or the reasons for your grind makes doing it much more important because it will be the reason you overcome “I can’t”, “I don’t feel like” or “This is hard”.  These two words are the reason I began to put my feet to the pavement

Battles with wavering weight, low self-esteem and self-worth were my “Y”s for working out.  Unfortunately, these reasons were not sustainable enough to keep me consistent; therefore, I had to dig deep and find solid “Y”s.  My granny, whom I am a caretaker for, has been dealing with Alzheimer’s for almost ten years.  I have always wondered what it was she could have done differently in her life to lessen her chances.   After doing some research, I began to incorporate exercising into my daily routine because I read that it would help my mental function.  This is where my “Y”s began to develop.

At this moment, I had to realize that my “Y”s needed to be something to drive me long term and think about truly living and not existing. Peace, serenity, feeling nature’s breath, camaraderie and relaxation are the gifts I receive from putting my feet on the pavement.

Since May 2020, I have had no regrets on beginning this running journey and it is because my “Y”s are filled with deep purpose.  Long distance running requires a resilient mindset because just like life, it gets tough when you are almost there.  I remember participating in the Irving 10k race this past March and having to dig deep as to why I was running this race.  The hills were challenging all by themselves, but my legs were creating their own challenge for me physically.  It is in these times that we have to remind ourselves that our “Y” is greater than the medal.  Crossing the finish line with the assurance that you did your very best is a reflection on the commitment you made to yourself: TO FINISH!

Being powered by your “Y” will refuel you, refocus you and remind you of every reason you train daily.  At mile 12 of the Virtual Chevron Aramco Half Marathon, I needed that “Y” to present itself.  This was my very first time doing a half marathon in January of 2021. My family was my “Y” to keep pushing because I knew they were waiting to witness me accomplish a goal I set for myself.  Seeing my “Y” cheering for me made every ache and pain worth it.

For this season, this training time and for the rest of your life, stand solid on your “Y”s. When you feel like giving up, when you aren’t feeling confident or when your feet just hurt, remember your “Y”. From the insYde pull it out and continue the grind. It will be worth the fight!

Blog written by #houambassador Courtney Dunham