Age: 38
Hometown: Columbia, MO
Occupation: Public Libarian
Marathons Completed: 4

Terzah Becker will return to Houston where she ran her first marathon 15 years ago in 1997. The Chevron Houston Marathon will be her fifth marathon and is the first time she will run for a cause, supporting the Houston Food Bank.

Becker chronicles her running journey in her blog, and with the support of her followers, has raised more than $500. Her blog has allowed her to interview Adam Goucher, 2000 Olympian and 2012 Olympic Trials qualifer,  who generously answered running questions for her blog readers.

Becker would jog during her time at Rice University to keep her weight down and relieve stress. She trained for a marathon after a co-worker suggested she could run long distances. On race day, she accomplished her one goal, to finish.

“I had never been a runner,” said Becker. “But finishing my first marathon set in motion a love for the sport.”

Becker at Top of Utah Marathon

Running has been a postive influence on Becker’s life, providing her with the benefits of being physicaly fit and more optimistic in both the mental and spirtual sense. Setting goals for running has also helped her work toward the goals she has set in other aspects of her life.

Becker looks forward to returning to Houston to tackle another tough goal, qualifying for the Boston Marathon. She most enjoys miles 10- 12, which past through Rice, because it is familiar to her and her days at Rice University. And as for her favorite marathon, while all four marathons were special, Houston was her first.

“I remember lots of moments from my first marathon…running by Rice, seeing my aunt (who lives in West University) and having her cheer for me, having my friends and my dad meet me at mile 21 with dry shoes and socks (my feet were cold and soaked), and of course the finish,” Becker said.

“I’m excited to return to the city that gave me my education, my husband, some of my best friends and best times…and my love of running,” said Becker.

“I was so happy to learn that Adam Goucher met the Olympic Trials marathon standard and will be racing in Houston the day before I do. Such a big comeback for a guy who is about my age. I will be cheering loudly for him during the Trials race on Saturday!” said Becker.

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