Stay Inspired

The words “Stay Inspired” have been the two most impactful words for me, and I actively try to live my life by them each day.

The reason behind it is simple- without meaningful inspiration to do something, what’s the reason in doing it at all? This mantra became my own after I ran my first half marathon in 2020.

Before, I had consistently developed knee injuries, and I was losing my motivation. It was my older brother, who had already been long distance running for a while, stepped in and gave me the encouragement to train for my first half marathon. Previously I had not raced a distance over a 10k.

After completing the 13.1 in March of 2020, I developed an immense passion for running and cardiovascular cross training. I bought a bike during the COVID peak and decided to join the triathlon team at the University of Houston. The thrill was intense- I kept wanting to push myself more and more, continuing to learn what my body was capable of withstanding.

This natural high is what allowed me to hurdle obstacles previously not overpassed. I tell people “I stay inspired to consistently be the best version of myself”, and this motto has reflected my work ethic well beyond fitness, seeping into my professional and personal life. I want to influence my peers to likewise push to be the best version of themselves in all areas of their lives.

I hope this perspective can help someone out there facing obstacles in their own life!

Blog written by #houambassador Shannon Cleary