Michael Canle

Age: 31
Hometown: Tomball, TX

January 2010 was a breakthrough month for Michael Canle. Weighing in at 332 pounds, he knew he needed to make a change. His wife was six months pregnant with their first child. The realization set in that he was going to be a father in only a few months time.

Canle abruptly changed his lifestyle. He wanted to ensure that he would be able to experience life with his daughter to the fullest, from the moment she was born. The philosophies of vegans and vegetarians had always interested Canle, so he decided to begin there. He changed his eating habits adopting the vegetarian diet.

In July 2010, three month after his daughter’s birth and six months after becoming vegetarian, Canle decided it was time to start exercising. His first steps were taken walking on a treadmill. He quickly advanced to jogging and before he knew it, he had signed up for his first marathon.

Over the next 24 months, Canle ran 5 full marathons in: Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Stockholm (Sweden). He has also completed races of varying lengths at Pedernales Falls State Park, Huntsville State Park, and in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Most recently, he ran his longest distance on November 5th – a 50K, equaling 31 miles! Canle is looking forward to the slightly shorter 26.2 mile run this January at the Chevron Houston Marathon.

Canle has lost a total of 115 pounds and could not be happier. Running has changed his life for the better and he cannot imagine ever going back to his old lifestyle. “I’m sure my daughter thinks it’s pretty rad too.”