The best advice we can give you is get to the start line early. With four corrals, knowing where you are going on race morning and getting there early will help you have a stress-free start. Head to the start line at least 30 minutes before your corral gate closes. A Corral gate closes at 6:40 a.m., B Corral gate closes at 6:50 a.m. and C Corral gate closes at 7 a.m.  Gate closure times will be strictly enforced, so give yourself plenty of time to reach your start location.  Any runner arriving to their assigned corral after the gate has closed must start in a later corral. Check out the start line map for directions on how to get to each start line area from the George R. Brown (GRB) Convention Center.

The letter on your bib indicates your corral assignment.  You must line up in your assigned corral or you may move to a later corral.  For example, an A bib may start in the B corral, but a B bib will not be admitted to the A corral.  If you wish to run with a friend assigned to a different corral, you may line up together in the later assigned corral.

When you are ready to head out to the start line from the GRB, you will exit through the north doors in Hall A. Look for the signage above the doors directing you to the start line. This exit will take you to Rusk Street where you will make a left and head west toward Avenida de las Americas. Look for lighted signage indicating where your corral is located. Once in your corral, line up behind the appropriate pace sign within your assigned corral. If you need to use the restroom after you have left the GRB, port-a-cans will be in groups inside every corral and at all pace intervals.

Before the race starts, you may be ready to throw some of your layers off. When you toss your shirt, pants or gloves remember to toss to the side of the corrals so that runners behind you don’t trip on your layers. All clothes left at the start line and along the course will be donated to charity.

The race will start at 7 a.m.  A Corral will clear first, followed by B and then C and D Corrals.  It will take time for each corral to clear in succession.  As the corrals move forward, don’t stress about pushing forward. Your BibTag will start timing whenever you cross the start line. Take your time – it’s your race.

The Chevron Houston Marathon offers pace teams that share the same finish time goal (from three hours to six hours) and help one another stay on pace. The paces the Veterans Pace Team will be running are listed below. For more information, drop by the Veterans Pace Team booth at the  Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute EXPO on Friday or Saturday.