HOUSTON (January 13, 2017) – With race day temperatures expected to reach 74 degrees and humidity exceeding 90 percent, officials of the Chevron Houston Marathon advise runners to exercise caution in Sunday’s races.
“Slow down, slow down, slow down,” said Dr. John Cianca, medical director of the Houston Marathon Committee. “It’s going to be hot and humid – not ideal weather – so run responsibly and adjust your pace to reduce the risk of overheating. This is not the year to set a personal best. It will be more difficult than you anticipated, so make adjustments.”
Sunday’s races will begin under the yellow caution flag. Yellow indicates a moderate risk for participants and potentially dangerous conditions. Runners should be prepared for worsening conditions and be familiar with the Event Alert System (EAS).
Runners need to take the following steps for Sunday:
 Once on the course, stay alert for signs of distress:
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • profuse sweating
  • nausea
  • clammy skin
  • labored breathing
  • mental confusion
  • gastro-intestinal issues
In addition:
  • Don’t skip water stations – drink what you normally drink and use your thirst as a guide.
  • Walk through water stations instead of running to make sure you are drinking water and not wearing it.
  • Drinking more fluids is not the best way to control body heat. The best method of not overheating is to reduce pace, thus reducing the amount of heat generated from within.
  • Pay close attention to instructions you may receive on the course from officials.
“The Houston Marathon Committee medical team and the City of Houston will do the best it can to keep everyone safe,” added Dr. Cianca. “We have been planning medical and emergency response for months, but we need the help of runners. Participate responsibly and adjust your expectations.”

Hourly Weather Forecast as of January 13th: