By Ambassador Bryan Kreitz

Yes, that’s my clean way of saying another common expression, but I believe it also conveys a greater sense of the expression.

When people utter $@!& happens, it implies that there is a negative issue at hand and we just need to grin and bare it, but when life happens, there are many beautiful things that can come with that. Marriage, babies, new homes, new jobs, new locations, vacations,etc.. can be life happening, or it could also be a negative impact.

So, what does this have to do with the Chevron Houston Marathon or Aramco Houston Half Marathon? It has everything to do with it, because at some point in your training, life is going to happen and you need to be ready for it.

I am not talking about the event that happens in particular, but the overall mind set that goes along with life happenings. Granted, if you are getting married, going on vacation, expecting a baby, etc…You should plan for these well in advance and have your workouts planned accordingly.

I’ve spoken to many friends who beat themselves up because they have missed workouts due to whatever reason and just throw their hands up in frustration and feel like the whole training is a waste. This is where planning for life happens.

As an “athlete” (I define that as someone that runs a 4/min mile or a 60/min mile. If you’re trying, you’re an athlete), we need to be mentally prepared for the best and the worst days. The best workouts and the worst workouts. We are often mentally unprepared to deal with speed bumps in our training, so when life happens we are easily thrown off course. Acknowledging that you are going to have life interrupt training is a huge step forward. It allows you to be human, to hurt, to recover, to live life without the stress of missing a workout or workouts. I know it stinks, and I know the benefit of getting into a workout rhythm, but I promise you, knowing life happens and being prepared for it makes a world of difference.

Everyone will mentally prepare for life to happen differently. What works for Joe might not work for Sarah. Preparation is personal, but don’t discount the need to reach out to others for support. Sometimes the best cure for life happenings is a great group ride or run with friends.

Start mentally preparing today for the unknown of tomorrow. Plan in your mind what you will do if you miss “X” amount of training days, and how you will handle the stress that comes along with it.

Remember, this is your race and no one else’s. Embrace the ups and downs that will come with the next four months of training. Do this, and I believe you will have a much chance of sticking with your training plan.

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About the Author: Ambassador Bryan Kreitz

Bryan started running after tipping the scales at 200lbs, and ran his first Aramco Houston Half Marathon in 2006.  It took him four years after that endeavor to attempt another.  After taking another couple of years off, eating correctly and training properly, Bryan began to get his “running” legs.  He has PR’d in four straight half Marathons (2:10, 1:51, 1:50, and 1:47). He also set a PR at the 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon, taking a whopping 45 minutes off his previous best, going from 5:36 to 4:50.  In 2015, he hopes to see the four hour mark fall.  He also PR’d at the Galveston 70.3 by 11 minutes, when he finished in 5:52. Bryan has been married for 11 years and has two wonderful kids.  They are his best cheerleaders ever and are at 95% of his races, which is an amazing commitment on their part. When not running, he enjoys softball, time with the family and racing.
Twitter – @kreitz09