Hello, fellow Legacies! Well; guess what? It happens to the best of us; and, now I find that it can also happen to folks like ME! My precious official Marathon Streak has come to an end. Sob! Got to get a hold of myself. It is not the end of the world, right? Life goes on; right? What do I have to look forward to? Oh; right. Next year. There is still a chance to redeem myself. Then, if it turns out that I am permanently NOT a marathoner anymore; well, there is nothing wrong with becoming HALF a marathoner. Hey; I can just do two of those, and call it square, Right?

Are you aware of the Chevron Houston Marathon’s Run for a Reason (RFAR) program? Those of us who have run our favorite race, over and over again for many years, may well ask ourselves, “Are we running for a reason? A good reason?” Can anyone tell me what that reason is? Or, maybe it is just a habit that we cannot manage to break. Surely, reasonable people have a reason for serious actions that they take. Well, one possibility is that “reasonable people” is not an apt description for most of us. We seem to enjoy beating ourselves up on the roads most days; but, cannot seem to explain why in a way that normal folks might understand. I guess it is like any other addiction; the thoughtful portions of our brains are not really connected to our actions a lot of the time. Anyway, if we would like to seem more normal, both to ourselves and to others, it might be wise to consider taking part in this wonderful RFAR program. It has raised literally tens of millions of dollars for good causes since its inception; and, is always ready for more help. Go ahead; here is a good reason for our craziness, just waiting to be seized!

Alternatively, or additionally; please think about the possibility of joining the Skechers Performance Pace Team for next January’s race. It’s another way that Legacies may “give back” to our favorite marathon. The folks who take part in this service to serious, goal-oriented racers, are mostly repeaters from previous years. Why? Because they really enjoy doing it. However, there are always a few slots that open up. If you think it’s for you, you can view the Pace Team application on the Legacy page.

Anyways; see you guys on the highways and byways…