Keather Kehoe was watching her husband complete a 5K race in 2007 when a family member challenged her by saying they didn’t think she could run a 5K. Kehoe picked a 5K race to run and started training in July 2007.

Two years before, Kehoe started regularly working out with a trainer and lost 20 pounds. Those physical and lifestyle changes would help her train for the 5K race. As she began training, she started with short distances—running her first mile was around Lake Tahoe. Kehoe plans out her training on her own. By combining various training programs that she finds on-line and in books, she has the flexibility to create a program that works for her.

Kehoe’s primary running goal right now is to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. She is excited to challenge herself at the Chevron Houston Marathon and sees this as one more step toward reaching her goal. “I’m excited to be able to watch the US Olympic Marathon Trials as the gifts of these speedy athletes are awe-inspiring. Hopefully with my higher base training plan and the inspiration from Saturday, I will run at least a 3:44:59 on Sunday,” Kehoe said.

Running has given Kehoe an outlet to reflect on her thoughts and is a calming time in her day. “While I will never be a Joan Benoit Samuelson (though I shook her hand at the end of my Nike Women’s Half Marathon!), or a Kara Goucher, or a Shalane Flanagan, I can take inspiration from these strong women to be the best person I can be for myself and a progressively stronger and faster runner,” Kehoe said. And although she never saw herself as an athlete before, she now considers herself one.

Her advice to those who want to train for a marathon is to spend a lot of time running. “The more miles you can run in your training, the more pleasant your marathon will be. During the actual race, try nothing new and just repeat what you’ve done time and again in training! Take your time, hydrate, eat, hydrate, stay conservative at the start,” said Kehoe.

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