Jeremy Hanson
Age: 34
Hometown: Houston, TX
Occupation: Dispatcher for a Freight Forwarding Company
Half Marathons Completed: 4

Jeremy Hanson is one of our participants that has most recently began running. He started running only 13 months ago. The Chevron Houston Marathon will be his first full marathon. His running journey began when a friend and his sister said they wanted to run a half marathon. Hanson thought that sounded like a good idea; so he laced up his shoes and started training. He has not looked back since.

Hanson has joined BARC Houston. He has entered multiple 16.1 mile and shorter races, but the Bayou City Classic 10K is the only one that was in Houston. “I enjoyed running through the streets of downtown mostly,” said Hanson. Born and raised and still residing in south Houston, he can usually be found running along NASA Road 1. He prefers this route because of its scenic view of a lake. Another hometown favorite is running the loop around Memorial Park.

Hanson is looking forward to two things during the second weekend of January. He is excited about watching the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, on Saturday the 14th, and running his first full marathon the following day. Like most runners, he plans to explore the EXPO, which offers a wide range of products for those in the industry.

Hanson’s primary goal is to survive his first marathon. He will have the support of both his family and friends from BARC to cheer him on. Running allows Hanson to push himself to new limits and reap the benefits of becoming healthier and skinnier.

His running goals for 2012 are to run three full marathons, in addition to the Houston Marathon, as well as begin to bike and swim, to prepare for a triathlon. “I just want to keep pushing myself and see how far I can go,” said Hanson.  “I have been lazy most of my adult life and that got me nowhere. It’s time to live a life worth living.”

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