Janet Tran
Age 47
Hometwon: Missouri City, TX
Occupation: Software Solutions Consultant
Races Completed: 1 Half Marathon and 1 10K

After a routine physical checkup Janet Tran learned her triglycerides levels were off the chart and she need to be on cholesterol lowering medication. “I don’t want to be on a prescription drug if there’s something I can do about it,” Tran said.

She had four months to try to lower her levels the natural way with dieting and exercise or her doctor would have to put her on medication. Tran wrote her own prescription, running three miles a day, six days a week plus a healthy diet. Before her physical checkup Tran considered herself a weekend warrior, running one to two times a week.

After starting her journey she managed to gain control of her cholesterol level and lost 17 pounds. “I feel fit, healthy, and happy with lots of energy to spend with my kids, family and friends.  I also have healthier eating habits, and am more aware of my food intake in terms of nutrients since I try to balance what I eat to have better performance on my runs,” Tran said on the benefits that running has made on her life.

Tran started out running to help create and a healthy lifestyle and she has stayed with running because she loves it. She is currently training herself for the November 2011 Half Marathon in the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Chevron Houston Marathon in January 2012. In the long term, her goals are to complete more 10K’s and half marathons while she tries to improve her own personal records.

Staying physically and mentally healthy is what she says inspires her to run. “I feel connected with nature when I run.  Running is very therapeutic for me.  It’s my time alone.  Nothing beats a good long run in the woods in good weather!” said Tran.

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