Ila Owers
Age: 43
Hometown: Houston, TX
Marathons Completeted: 14

This January, Ila Owers will be running for a reason to show support for Bo’s Place, a non-profit bereavement center that offers grief support services for children and families, an organization that has personally helped her family deal with their grief after losing her husband Peter unexpectedly to a heart attack in October 2010.

“I was married to a wonderful man. And then he died, suddenly, leaving me to raise two daughters by myself,” said Owers.

 Bo’s Place was recommended to the Owers family by several people, but it was a sympathy card from her eight-year-old daughter’s classmate, who had also lost her own father a few months before, that really touched the family. The card suggested ways to feel better and read “write your feelings in a journal and go to Bo’s Place” followed by a hand-drawn picture of Bo’s Place.

 “Bo’s Place provides kids and their parents a safe place to work through the anger,
confusion and sadness that comes with losing a loved one,” said Owers. “They have been wonderful for me and for both of my girls.”

Owers Famliy at Astros Game

Ower’s family was also touched by the outpouring support and help from her running group who was there for her family by providing food, childcare and a shoulder to cry on.

Owers enjoys running because it keeps her sane, but she hasn’t always been a runner. She started running long distances in her early 30s and completed her first marathon in February 2002.

“I’ve ran 14 marathons with the best friends anyone can ask for,” said Owers. “I’m running this one for Bo’s Place.”

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