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Media Advisory: Thursday, October 31, 2019

Houston Marathon Foundation Announces 2019 Grant Recipients

The Houston Marathon Foundation (HMF) announced today the recipients of 2019 grant funding awarded to nonprofit organizations that support the advancement of running as an element of a healthy, balanced lifestyle both locally and nationally.

Since its inception in 2008, the HMF has awarded funds to multiple organizations in the Greater Houston region and nationally to support after-school running programs, local elite distance runners, green space enhancements and organizations that encourage running to empower runners of all levels and abilities.

“The HMF is proud to support organizations who have and will play an instrumental role in our sport,” said Executive Director, Wade Morehead. “Whether we are encouraging youth to begin their running journey or supporting U.S. elite runners to break their next barrier, these are the individuals who will shape the future of running for us all.”

Over the past decade, the HMF has awarded more than $460,000 in grant funding to 14 groups and organizations. Recipients of HMF funding must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aligns with the mission of the HMF to advance running in the Houston community and nationally. Specifically, the HMF provides support for organizations that share common goals within the four pillars of our mission: youth initiatives, community support, athletes with disabilities, and the development of elite U.S. distance running.

The 2019 grant recipients are all organizations that the HMF has supported in the past and continue to make positive impacts within running communities, the long-distance racing industry, and in the lives of hundreds of individuals who are learning the health and wellness benefits of running.

Following is the list of 2019 HMF grant recipients:

  • Team USA Minnesota – The 7th consecutive year receiving support from the HMF, Team USA Minnesota supports an organizational mission to provide opportunities for talented U.S. distance runners to train and compete at an elevated level alongside the best runners in the nation and world, including Olympic Competition. Team USA Minnesota is dedicated to raising awareness for the sport of distance running, to engage in community outreach programs, and to serve as a focal point for distance running in the United States.


  • ZAP Fitness – This marks the 6th year supporting ZAP Fitness. The group strives to support eight to ten post-collegiate distance runners in their efforts to make World Championship and Olympic Teams, while providing education and training through adult running camps, coaching services, and community outreach initiatives.


  • Bel Inizio – This is the 8th year that the HMF has awarded grant support to Bel Inizio whose primary mission is to help disadvantaged women develop life-skills and self-confidence through an eight-week fitness and nutrition education program.


  • Girls on the Run Greater Houston – Entering the 10th year receiving support from the HMF, Girls on the Run’s mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.


  • Family Point Resources – FPR Speed – This is the 3rd year the HMF will be supporting the young long-distance and track runners of FPR Speed. Their organizational mission is for every child in our community to believe they are loved, believe they belong, embrace their voice and power to make change and develop a strong and healthy sense of identity.


In addition to the 2019 grant funding, the HMF has partnered with the Houston Area Road Runners Associations (HARRA) to provide matching $1,000 stipends to local professional runners who have qualified for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials marathon to be conducted in Atlanta in February of next year.

  • 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon Local Qualifiers – Amanda Cruise, Melissa Fairey, Wilkerson Given, Cali Roper and Allie Schaich.


About the Houston Marathon Foundation

Founded in 2008, the Houston Marathon Foundation is committed to supporting the advancement of running as an element of a balanced, healthy lifestyle in the Houston community and nationally. The primary focus of the Foundation is to support the Houston running community; to create opportunities for local youth and educate students on the many benefits of long distance running; to promote participation and accessibility for participants with disabilities; and to support the training and development of U.S. elite runners nation-wide. The HMF is dedicated to promoting and improving the sport of distance running and enhancing running-related programs and community organizations that will improve and create effective health-based initiatives. We Run Houston, the after school running program supported by the HMF, provides coaching, support, guidance and opportunities annually to over 2,000 students in the Greater Houston Region who have limited access to fitness opportunities and many of whom train and ultimately participate in the annual Houston Marathon Committee weekend events.

For more information on the Houston Marathon Foundation, visit houstonmarathonfoundation.com.