Eder Reyes
Age: 28
Hometown: Houston, TX
Marathons: His first

This year’s Chevron Houston Marathon is special to Eder because he “will be running his first marathon alongside his three uncles.” He and his uncles have already successfully completed two races together, both of which were half marathons. Their first half marathon was last year’s Houston Half Marathon and their second was the Huntsville Annual Half Marathon this past October 22. Eder “started running because he wanted to get into shape.” Furthermore, he wanted “to see if he could finish one lap at Memorial without stopping.” He realized that he was stronger than he had expected and “kept adding more and more distance.” His parents, sisters, and some of his extended family will be cheering for him as he pursues the finish line. In addition to the support of his family, Eder will be enveloped in the passionate atmosphere and sheer excitement of race day to egg him on.

Eder enjoys the “challenge that is

[running] against himself.” For example, he thinks to himself “[at this time] last week I did this many miles, now let’s see if I can improve that this week.” Not only is running an opportunity for a challenge and progression, but he finds that it gives him time alone to be “free: [a] world where there is no cell phones, no TV, and no one besides himself and the trail ahead.” Eder’s most loved place to run is “Memorial Park Trail, but every once in a while he prefers to join his friends’ running club on their long run.” Eder shares his wisdom expressing that “running is more than just putting a pair of special shoes on and moving your legs.” When you run, you can “learn how to train correctly to save yourself from [certain] pain and injuries.” Through Eder’s experience, people can learn that running offers them the capability to both challenge themselves in their daily lives—discipline, personal growth, and health—and strive to do whatever they pursue to the best of their ability.