David Odom
Occupation: Technical Specialist
Age: 55
Hometown: Cypress, TX
Marathons: More than 28

David began running again in his mid-40’s, as a way to lose weight and regain his previously held good fitness. Though he and running’s relationship truly started back in his high school years in order for him to feel like he was ‘someone’. But now at age 55, he just wants to see if he can still finish a marathon. Running has dramatically changed David’s life. In his early days it gave him a way to be special; but then as he got more and more competitive it progressed to giving him a “chance to travel and to see things, to meet people, and make a little money”. Now he says it “keeps him healthy and sane”. He enjoys the quiet time that comes when running. In the past, “it was cruising a long run at a very good pace, or running with friends who told him stories about their own running days in college or racing in Europe” that were pleasant, but now for David “it is just running and being within himself”.

He ran competitively from the age of 17 to 36. During that time he averaged close to 20 races a year. Within the last 20 years, David estimates having run 6 races each year. He has completed at least 28 marathons in his lifetime, 6 of which were Houston Marathons. Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth in 1992 was the last marathon he ran. Twenty years later he will accomplish the same feat of running the extensive distance of 26.2 miles at the Chevron Houston Marathon. He was 2nd at the Houston Marathon in 1978 and finished 4th the following year (1979) in the United States Championships; also the same year he ran in the National Sports Festival. In 1984, David qualified for the Olympic Trials.

David last ran the Houston Marathon in 1989 and was the first Houstonian to finish that year. Other races David has participated in include: the Singapore International Marathon, Bermuda Marathon, Cowtown Marathon (which he won), and came in 2nd at the Nike OTC Marathon in Eugene. He has clearly conquered many feats as a runner and continues to press forward years later.

David has trained with several coaches in his lifetime, of them being: Johnny Morris, Tom Tellez, Jim McLatchie, Al Lawrence, and Jack Daniels. He currently runs with the Cole’s Crossing Running Club. David’s favorite places to run are Boulder, Colorado and Eugene, Orgeon, but within the Houston area he enjoys running at Memorial Park. He is looking forward to spending time running with a buddy and the hopefully cool weather on the day of the race.

This year David will definitely be among the spectators (either out on the track or on the TV from home) watching the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials and cheering on the runners.