Christine Lawless
Age: 39
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Aerobics Instruction and Registered Nurse

Christine Lawless will be running the Aramco Houston Half Marathon to prove to herself that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Lawless was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. To combat this, she underwent a bilateral mastectomy and eight rounds of chemotherapy.

Lawless has been able to stay in shape; keeping active throughout the day as an aerobics instructor. However, she wanted to challenge her body in a different way and running is something she has always wanted to try. She says the training has allowed her to focus on something other than the breast cancer treatments.  During her runs she loves to listen to music and move with the rhythms. One of her favorite pump up songs is, I will survive.

Running has also impacted her overall health. Prior to the start of her training, Lawless weighed 240 pounds. Running has helped her lose 100 pounds, bringing her down to a steady 140 pounds.

Lawless has one goal for the race–to finish. She will have a huge support system present to cheer her on, including family, friends and many of her past and present aerobic students. Not only running for self-accomplishment, Lawless is running the Aramco Houston Half Marathon in memory of her aunt. Her aunt, who recently passed away from cancer, had planned on being at the finish line to cheer Lawless on.

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