Do you have a list of blogs you catch up on every day? A place where you go to for all the latest running news? Check out some of our favorite places and spaces for local, national and international running news.


Track & Field News
Runner’s World
Run Blog Run

Race Results Weekly
Marathon Guide

Running USA
Running Times

Governing Bodies


Elite blogs

Meb’s Words
Ask Lauren Fleshman
Camille Herron
Ben and Steph (Bruce)
Jeffrey Eggleston

Local blogs

Houston Running
Run for Your Life
Melissa Runs
Steph Runs On
Preserving Pollyanna
This Daily Journey

Other blogs

Toni Reavis
Mile Markers

Life as a Running Mom
All That Glitters is Golden
Mile Posts
Lazy Girl Running
Run On Thoughts

Chic Runner

Do you have a running blog? Want to be added to the list? Leave us your link in the comments section!