Thinking about a great way to give more intention, inspiration and commitment to your run training? Looking for that extra motivation that will make you a real hero in your community? I’ve got  7 reasons why you should sign on to the Chevron Houston Marathon Run for a Reason program for the #houmarathon or #houhalf in 2019!

1) INVOLVE FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Get everybody around you involved with your running, and your cause. You’re taking this great opportunity to let the people know about the nonprofit organization that you’re supporting and how everybody can get involved by giving a donation and supporting you through your hard work on those miles. The more people you reach the bigger your impact, both with running and with awareness.

2) GET FAMOUS AND INVOLVE COMMUNITY: Go to your gym, Yoga studio, or any Fitness place you go ( or may be try something new) and ask about possibilities to make social events supporting your Cause. Participate in social runs with your friends, for a great way to meet new people, and again, increase your impact.

3) EXPERIENCE THAT FEELING: You’re raising money for a nonprofit organization and you’re giving back to your community, maybe helping for community health, children, animals…. YOU’RE GOING TO FEEL GREAT!!! You’ll be a HERO as you train for an amazing cause and at the end of all those miles, you will feel amazing! The sense of pride you’ll experience from helping directly to local Houston organizations through something that you love and challenges you is something you’ll never forget. Take it from me. I have ran three times for a reason with #houmarathon and believe me, that moment when you cross the finish line is just GLORIOUS! You deserve it, be proud of yourself.

4) INSPIRE OTHERS: No matter what type of nonprofit organization you support, you are inspiring others. Your friends, family, and anyone who knows you; the new people you will meet along the way;  the kids, patients, and people affected through your organization will all feel your support every step of the way. TIP: Share your pictures during your training with them, on social media and anywhere else they have a chance to be a part of your journey! You should feel great about what you’re doing and show it off!

5) CREATE NEW VOLUNTEERS: Not all of your supporters will make a monetary donation. That’s ok! Ask them to be volunteers at one of your events to assist in your fundraising efforts, or volunteer for events that your organization is hosting. Encourage them to be involved in other ways and consider donating their time and getting to know and experience other aspects of the organization that you chose. It’s also a rewarding way to donate and give back to the community. FLASH BACK: I ran for the Houston Food Bank in 2016 and I have friends who volunteered with me that year who fell in love with the organization and are still involved with them today.

6) CALL YOURSELF AN AMBASSADOR: While you’re fundraising for a nonprofit organization, you’re also representing them, in all the best ways possible. Feel proud about it, you’re representing not just the organization, but you’re representing those in need too. Individuals who seek out that organization in need of help to have a better life, better health, or just a leg up need you to share and promote the great work that organization is doing for so many. You have the flag, be a leader and show everybody that anyone can help inspire and be an ambassador for good.

7) RUN FOR A REASON: If you’re still searching for the motivation to challenge yourself after the first six reasons, let me ask you simply just to run for something more than miles; something that inspires you, moves you. This year there are 64 nonprofit organizations to Run for a Reason with in the #HouMarathon or #HouHalf (or even the 5K) just do it once and live the experience of running all those miles for a different reason than a medal or a picture at the finish line. Do it for something more. Help create awareness for the people that work tirelessly with these organizations who can always use a helping hand.

It’s time to become a HERO, Sign up now – if you haven’t already yet!