#HouMarathon Ambassadors

John Bjornstad  @bjornsjp

My name is John Bjornstad and I am a PSCM Category Specialist at Chevron. I am a Father to three great young men. I enjoy church, watching my kids play sports, running, lifting weights, riding motorcycles, hiking and anything outdoors. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stout in 20o2 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management.

I run because it allows me to think and I love the runner’s high when I am done.



Marcelo Valdez – @cronicasdeunrunner

I am a proud husband, father, musician, follower of Jesus. I wasn’t born or raised in Houston, but I’ve been living her since 2015. I started feeling like a true Houstonian the moment I crossed the finish line of my first Chevron Houston Marathon back in 2019. I am in love with this city and everything Texan related.

I run to prove to myself and others that when you set a goal, no matter how crazy it seems, you CAN, and WILL achieve it if you set your mind on it.





Ryan Terry – @ryan_runs_hou

My name is Ryan Terry. I was born and raised in Houston Texas. I have been actively running since 2013. 2022 will be my 8th Chevron Houston Marathon.

I run because it gives me confidence to make me feel as if I can conquer anything.






Emilia Benton –

Emilia Benton is a freelance journalist covering health, running, and fitness for publications such as Runner’s World, Women’s Running, SELF, The Houston Chronicle, and more. She is also a 10-time marathoner and is aiming to qualify for Boston at the 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon, which will be he eighth time running the race. As a Peruvian-American Latina, Emilia is especially passionate about highlighting diverse voices within the running community through her work as a writer. As a race ambassador, she is especially excited to have a hand in spotlighting the diversity of the Houston running community, helping to showcase how it makes the event the great race that it is.

I run for the personal sense of accomplishment, to showcase the diversity within my community, and to uncover what I’m truly capable of.



Christi Crow – @coltswish

I am a busy Mom who began running after the loss of my oldest son, Colt, to cancer. I am now a 7x marathoner! Chevron Houston Marathon weekend is my favorite race weekend in the great state of Texas and I look forward to running it every year!

I run in memory of my son, and to honor all those who can’t.




Shannon Cleary – @shan.runs

I’m Shannon Cleary. As a lifelong resident of the city of Houston, I am super excited for the opportunity to be an ambassador for the 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon. Beginning my freshman year of high school through my current senior year at the University of Houston, I have developed a clear passion for running. I can’t wait to share my full marathon journey from now through January with all of you!

I run because it helps me stay inspired in all areas of my life, and it motivates me to be the best version of myself.





Viviano Landin – @run_with_viv

I’ve been running for about 7 years. I’m friends with numerous running clubs around town. I train with Njord Running, I run with the Freaks Running Club on Friday nights and you can find me every Monday at RunOn Riveroaks.

I run to keep moving forward!






Terry Love – @bmrhoucaptain

I’m Terry Love, captain of the Black Men Run Houston chapter. I’ve always enjoyed running, but I decided to run my first half marathon in 2012, and the experience was so great that I’ve been hooked, chasing medals, PRs, and working on a goal to race in every state since then. I’ve run over 25 Half Marathons, 6 Full Marathons, and countless other races.

I run because it is truly a place of catharsis, and allows me to test my physical and mental endurance each time I begin a run.





JC Lippold – @jclippold

JC Lippold is the founder of 5K Everyday Conversations, a movement to remove the words “I am not a runner” from common language. A 30-time marathoner, JC runs to be in close proximity to people doing miraculous things and the stories they carry. A mindset coach & community organizer, JC hails from Brooklyn Center, MN, and is stoked to run Houston for a second time! Check out JC’s mindset, movement and meditation offerings at app.jclippold.com.

I run as a daily opportunity to move and converse with people I have yet to meet.





Letty Uribe –

Letty is an avid runner from San Antonio, TX and a mother of 2 girls.  She has been running for about 7 years and loves the marathon distance.  The Chevron Houston Marathon was her very first marathon in 2016. She can’t wait to return and run her 7th consecutive Houston Marathon in 2022.

I run because it’s my time to myself and running makes me feel empowered.





Manuel Agudelo Cano – @42tokio

My name is Manuel Agudelo Cano. I am 35 years old and I live in Rionegro, Antioquia-Colombia. I have been a runner for 14 years. I am a coach of amateur runners, in the My Fast K team of Medellin-Colombia. I have run 10 marathons (one of them Chevron Houston Marathon in 2018). My personal best is 2 hours 26 min 49 seconds. My favorite food is burgers. I want to show my students the experience and knowledge acquired through all these years and help them achieve their goals.

I like to run because it gives me discipline and mental strength to achieve my goals. It also keeps my healthy.




Gibar Vargas@gibar_vargas

Hi, I’m Gibar Vargas. Professional nutritionist and certified diabetes educator. I live in Puebla, Mexico. I’m the father of the family. Since my childhood I have liked to exercise a lot. Correr (Running) has been my lifestyle for 7 years. I’ve run 13 marathons and Houston will be my 14th marathon. My profession motivates me to exercise regularly, as well as to take care of the health of my patients from a clinical and sporting point of view. I am a person who likes discipline and who is happy to exercises, as well as enjoy food and sports trips.

I run because it’s my moment of meditation, of being with me and of feeling happy.




Pedro Colunga – @pedro_itslife

I have come to realize that running can be much more than just a workout. It is also a way to get to know different people and be influenced by their achievements. A way to clear the mind, and a way to accomplish goals you once thought were impossible. Houston, let’s run together again and finish with the power we each have within us!

I run to feel alive!





Veronica Goebel – @vgoebruns