#HouMarathon Ambassadors

Jaime Aparicio – @jaimesportspt

Photo: Myke Hermsmeyer

Jaime Aparicio is a physical therapist at Memorial Hermann’s Ironman Human Performance Lab. His clinical practice and his love for the outdoors drew him to the sport of running, where he quickly fell in love with the Houston running community. Jaime also enjoys teaching at Rice University and traveling the state as the Medical Director for Trail Racing Over Texas. The 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon was his first marathon and in 2018 it became his first Boston qualifier – third times a charm!  When he is not serving the running community, Jaime can be found eating Texas BBQ, enjoying the Texas Hill Country, or fishing the beautiful clear waters of South Padre Island.


Leah K. Egwuatu @fitfoodiele

Leah is a native Houstonian, fitness trainer, runner, instructor, social media influencer, and busy mom of 3.  Marathon weekend is near and dear to Leah’s heart! She looks forward to participating with her family every year; she runs because she wants to inspire her children to never back down from tough challenges and to face them head on. As an online inspiration she is always eager to share her healthy recipes, fit tips, and workout routines, all while shedding a realistic yet funny and positive light on balancing fitness and motherhood. Leah is currently living out her passion by captivating and inspiring over 70K women and men to become healthier versions of themselves.


Fren-Mark Banes@fmbanes21

My name is Fren-Mark and I am runner, engineer, motivator, entertainer and amateur karaoke singer.  Houston is an exciting place to live in and one of my favorite perks of being the 4th largest city in the US is that there is always a local race, charity run, social run, etc. somewhere around town.  I think the best part about marathon week in Houston is that it literally brings our widespread running community together in one smaller area, centralized at the GRB!  I love the energy spike in this city from all the runners, supporters and coordinators coming together at the events that weekend, which is the main reason I wanted to be an ambassador. I want to help make this annual Houston event as big and exciting as possible!


Heather Foley@haf811

I have run in 5k’s to 100+ milers in many countries around the world and the only one that I keep coming back for year after year is the Chevron Houston Marathon. This year will be my 10th Houston Marathon despite having relocated to Pittsburgh, PA in April. I love every minute of it; from when people start posting screen shots of their registration on social media, when the flagging goes up downtown, race day volunteers always make me tear up at least once during the race, and my favorite part is celebrating with my fellow finishers over an ice cream sandwich, biscuit, and chocolate milk in the GRB after the race. This year will be a different journey as I try to connect with and build a new running tribe in a city that is new to me and train for the marathon in a season that is new to me… a snowy, icy winter! 2019 Legacy Finisher, here I come!



Paul, Matthew and Stephen Izzo@izzoultrarunning

We grew up in a military family, and with a new school each year, it was always important for us to stay close as brothers. Now, as adults living in different cities we have shifted our focus to our physical and mental health and have started meeting up for various marathons across the country. We’ve run everything from 5Ks to Ultra- marathons together and are excited for Houston to be the next challenge on our list.

Running has brought us closer together as a family and is what keeps our bond strong. But it has also connected us with such a strong community of athletes who we draw inspiration from every day. We’re so thankful to be a part of the running world. We strive to keep our mindsets light, passionate and as positive as possible, and are so excite