Name: Nancy Winchester
Age: 46 (no point in hiding this information if you’re a runner – Google will tell all!)
City: St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
Twitter handle: n/a
Profession: Research manager

Been running since: Forever, but as an adult for fitness, 1988

What made you start? I thought it would be good to start an exercise program that I could do for my entire life
Training program you follow: Run how you feel.  I don’t wear a watch, and I just listen to my body.  Weekday runs of 7 miles and weekend runs ranging from 12 to 22.

Why Houston: I am a veteran running for my 13th time and I run Boston and usually one other marathon every year. Runners in Canada don’t know much about the Houston Marathon so I spread the word. Flat, fast fun! And at what other marathon can you stay warm inside before the start and be served a hot breakfast at the finish line? That’s Texas hospitality at its finest.

Best run/running experience: Boston Marathon.  That’s why I going back.  Houston is a close second.

Worst run/running experience: Every run is a good run.  I can’t think of a bad one.  However, running the Boston Marathon during a nor’easter with the flu would probably qualify.

Dream training partner: Anyone who has interesting stories to tell and can push me to do just a little better than the status quo.

Training shoe: Nike Air Zoom with Sorbothane graphite insoles

Favorite running route: I can’t choose just one

Pre-run food: Toast or a bagel

Post-run food: Granola bar

Training gadget: None.  I don’t even wear a watch.  The only “gadgets” I use are my reflective vest and flashing lights and my screw shoes for running the icy streets of St. John’s in the dark all winter.

Goals? Get in the Boston Marathon Quarter Century Club by running 25 consecutive Bostons

Favorite non-running activities: backcountry camping, kayaking, hiking

Music: Almost everything, but something with a quick beat is always energizing