Name: Kelli Calderwood
Age: 28
City: Houston
Profession: Manager of Development, Texas Children’s
Twitter: @kelliruns
Instagram: @kelliruns

Been running since: Off and on for a while after college, seriously since 2010. I’m proud of the progress I have made since my very first race! There is always room for improvement!

What made you start? I wanted to run a Marathon for my sweet grandfather who was terminally ill with a very aggressive form of blood cancer (AML). I told him that I would raise money for AML research and I would call him when I crossed the finish line. I thought it would give him a stronger fight – but unfortunately the cancer took him before I raced Chicago. I ran an incredible race and when I crossed the finish line, I knew he would have been really proud of me. I fell in love with running during that training cycle, I haven’t looked back since. The marathon is the perfect challenge.

Training program you follow: I am coached by Mark Hadley. He is awesome, he works with athletes who are trying to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials. I think I am his slowest athlete! Ha! I also work with Catherine Kruppa, a Houston based Nutritionist (Advice For Eating) and when I need a good venting I call my training partner Landi. She’s my therapist. I pay her in high fives and ice cream.

Best run/running experience: I ran an amazing 5 mile race this summer. It was really hot outside (which I typically don’t run well in), but things just felt good. I was flying. I remember running past this girl, who said “Wow, she is really fast”. It gave me a lot of confidence to “not get sloppy” and finish strong.

Worst run/running experience: When I peed on myself at mile 21.5 of the Oklahoma HITs Marathon.

Dream training partner: Oh man there are so many! I would love to have a run and cup of coffee with Shalane. She is so fierce.

Favorite running route: Memorial Park Loops & River Oaks. Allen Parkway is really nice too.

Pre-run food: I have to be careful with food. I have Celiac Disease. I cannot ingest gluten – bad things happen. So, gluten free toast with crunchy peanut butter and a drizzle of honey. I don’t like to have a full stomach when running. I’ve been known to vomit during runs. 🙂

Post-run food: Corn Chips and Queso. Menchies. I LOVE Menchies.

Training gadget: Garmin 610.. I really want the new Garmin coming out – but I think my husband would have a heart attack. I also write about my runs in a running journal. I’m old school. I like to see my progress on paper.

Goals? Boston.

Races this season? TXU Turkey Trot, the HARRA Fall Warm Up Series (minus the Houston Half), Houston Marathon, Woodlands Half Marathon, Conns Green 6.2.. Maybe Vancouver Marathon in May 2014.

Favorite non-running activities: I am an active Junior League Member, I love to volunteer. I’m also an active blogger and hope to publish a book one day soon.

Music: I typically don’t run with music, but when the run gets tough and I need to escape – I’ll listen to everything. Its funny, one song may be this hardcore rap and the next song is classical