When you deferred your registration during the cancellation options period for the 2021 event, that guaranteed you a complementary entry for either the 2022 or 2023 event.  

If you did not claim your entry for the 2022 event, you may use the deferred entry for the 2023 event.  

If you used your deferral entry for the 2022 event you will not be eligible for a deferral entry in the 2023 event. If you cannot participate in the 2023 event there will not be an additional deferral option.  

If you had a Fundraise for Registration deferred entry in 2021, it is not eligible for deferral in 2023. This option was only available to defer to 2022.  

If you had a HERO deferred entry from 2021 and you did not use it in 2022, then you are eligible to receive your deferred entry in 2023.