A Letter to HOU

Dear Houston Runners,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Glenda and I am passionate about running. I consider myself a “baby runner” because I have only been running for about six years. I have learned a lot about running, and there is still so much to learn! I love the sport because there is always room for growth. Running allows me to reflect, and I have been thinking a lot about you.

You are tough. Really tough. You train through unpredictable weather and you do not let heat or rain set you back. Some of you even lace up before the sun comes up and inspire others to do the same. Your training season is intense, and you push through every mile with the sort of tenacity that makes people question your sanity. Some runs are easy, while others are brutal and discouraging. Nevertheless, you push through. It takes a special kind of grit to run in the middle of Houston summers, and you, my friend, did it. You should be really proud of yourself!

Back in June, we kicked off Global Running Day by taking on the RunHou 100,000 Mile Virtual Challenge. Houston runners (and from all over the world) accepted this challenge, and we collectively ran 154,381 miles. Wow. That is a lot of miles! HOU did that! We logged our miles and we achieved something really special “together”. This challenge confirmed what I have always known: runners love a challenge!

Summer is over, which means it is officially training season!! I hope you welcome cooler temperature as much as I do. It feels like a treat after running on the surface of the sun!

As the year slowly comes to a close, I want to celebrate you because you are amazing. I cannot tell you how much I respect the fact that you have prioritized running over the past few months. You figured out how to “run together” in distance by participating in virtual runs. The world seemed to stop, but you kept running. I am proud of you! Keep doing your thing and see you at the starting line!

P.S. You have everything it takes to be the runner you aspire to be. Gotta run, bye!

Your running buddy always,

Blog written by #houambassador Glenda Newman