Houston-Athens Exchange Program

About the Houston-Athens Marathon Exchange

The Houston-Athens Marathon Exchange is the only program of its type in the United States. Each year, the program sends one male and one female finisher of the Chevron Houston Marathon to Greece for a week and provides them with entry into the Athens Classic Marathon. The winners are determined by a random drawing of male and female finishers from the Houston area who have completed the Chevron Houston Marathon in four hours or less.

Congratulations to our 2019 winners Ryan Terry and Radia Silva!

Friends, family and other runners who wish to participate in the trip are invited to do so.

Annual Pastichio Dinner

Since the beginning of the Houston-Athens Marathon Exchange, volunteers have sponsored an annual pastichio, or Greek pasta, dinner on the Thursday night prior to the Houston Marathon. Funds from this dinner, which includes pastichio, Greek salad and baklava, are used to defray the costs of sending the runners from Houston to Athens.

More Information

For information on the cost of the trip, an itinerary, information about the Athens Classic Marathon or any other questions, please contact Anthony Kouzounis, co-chairman of the Houston-Athens Marathon Exchange, at 713-522-2300 or akouzounis@att.net