One Run Turned Into A Legacy

After graduating from college, I moved to Houston. One of the first things I did was go for a run at Memorial Park. It was fall time and I just remembered it being so crowded. I asked a friend if it was always like that and they told me that most people there were training for the Chevron Houston Marathon. Outside of field day at school, I had never run a race in my life. I went to the website only to find that the lottery (back then it was a lottery system) for the race had closed over the summer. Bummed, I set my sights on running 10Ks and half marathons.

The following summer, my roommate and I entered the lottery. Thankfully, we would both get in. With my training partner locked in, we trained for 16 weeks. My first race was so painful. With a time of 5:03, a roller coaster of emotions came flowing from my eyes as I crossed the finish line. I was officially a marathoner, something I never imagined in my life that I could accomplish. After the race, my roommate and I both thought we could go faster so we signed up to run the marathon again the following year.

Having learned more about how to properly train and to fuel my race, crossing the finish line a second time around was much more joyous. As the years passed, injuries would come and require physical therapy. I even learned to swim and bought a bike to become an Ironman. My roommate would eventually move out too and I would even move away for a bit, but year after year this has been our tradition. I have stuck with the full distance and he now runs the half marathon. But, it is our yearly kick-off event that lead to my legacy status and as long as we both stay healthy, we have no plans on stopping.

Blog written by #houambassador Michelle Morton