From One Generation to the Next

Growing up, my dad was my partner in crime when it came to sports. He was my tennis partner and my team soccer coach for years. So, in 1995 when he (65 yrs) invited me (23 yrs) to join him to train for the Houston Marathon with a then small running club called Houston Fit, I had to say yes! That was the start of my Houston Marathon Legacy.

That first race was like no other. I was a young, single girl going out at night, sleeping a couple of hours and then getting up to pick up my dad and run at the park with my new running friends. I got the training done and my first Houston Marathon finish was amazing. The crowds, the hoopla, the city itself. I was hooked.

Running the marathon became a tradition for us and running became our new bond. We even went for a run the morning of my wedding! We ran each year until 2003 when I joined the crowds cheering instead of running, as I was pregnant with my first child. I ended up taking a break from the full marathon for the next 10 years – sometimes running the half, sometimes just cheering.

It would not be until 2014 that I ran the Chevron Houston Marathon again. Now running as a mother of 3 and small business owner, I was constantly juggling my hectic schedule just to get a 3-mile run in. But, running was still my reset button and I realized that right away. So in 2014 I was back – running the full marathon, now with my family cheering me on. It was amazing.

I have run yearly since then, and 2021 will be my 15th Chevron Houston Marathon. I have gone on to complete a few Ironman races and a 50-mile trail run, but the Chevron Houston Marathon is the one that means the most to me. It is the place it all started, the place I found my reset.

Blog written by Legacy Runner – Cindy Smith (48)