team challenge

About the Team Challenge

Promoting fitness and fundraising, the Bank of Texas Team Challenge is a FREE, exciting opportunity where registered participants of the 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Houston Half Marathon and ABB 5K created teams to compete against each other.

There are four types of teams:

• All marathon participants
• All half marathon participants
• All 5K participants
• Mixed category (at least one runner from each of the three events: marathon, half marathon and 5K)

Group Categories:
In addition to awards being given to the top teams in each of the four types, awards will also be given to the top team (irrespective of type) in each of the following groups:

• Running Club
• Business Team
• Social Group

Teams must have a minimum of three members and a maximum of six members.

Team Challenge Registration

Click here to create or manage a 2016 Bank of Texas Team Challenge Team.

***Deadline to create or manage teams is December 31, 2015.***


Points will be awarded based on individual team members’ placement within their age groups. The formula for determining an individual’s score is as follows:

(Place within age group) / (number of people in age group) x 1000 = individual score

The best (lowest) three individual scores from each team will then be added together to determine the team’s total score. The mixed category teams will be scored by adding the lowest score from each of the three events: marathon, half marathon and 5K. For example, a team with individual scores of 90, 165, 140, 210, 170 and 120 would have a total team score of 90-120-140 = 350.