What is a pace team?

A pace team is a group of runners who run together during the Chevron Houston Marathon. They share the same finish time goal (from 3 hrs to 6 hrs) and help one another stay on pace.

Who leads the pace team?

2015 Pace Team1

The pace team is led by the Houston Marathon Legacy Runners, both men and women, with at least 10 years experience running the Chevron Houston Marathon. They provide runners with a unique opportunity to interact face-to-face with Legacy runners as well as to experience the camaraderie of a team.

Last year’s Legacy Pace Team leaders had a combined 1,663 marathon and ultra-marathon finishes and more than 615 total years of running experience.

What paces will the Pace Team be running?

Finish Time (hours) Pace Per Mile (min.)
3:00 6:52
3:10 7:15
3:20 7:38
3:30 8:00
3:40 8:23
3:50 8:47
4:00 9:09
4:15 9:44
4:30 10:18
4:45 10:52
5:00 11:27
5:15 12:01
5:30 12:35
6:00 13:44


How can I run with a pace team?

Just drop by the Legacy Pace Team booth at the Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institute EXPO on Friday, January 15, and Saturday, January 16, to get information. (Note: Registration is not mandatory to participate. If you cannot make it to the booth, you are still welcome to join a pace team on race day.)

How do I meet up with my pace team on race morning?

We will have big Legacy Pace Team signs in the start area. All Legacy pacers will be nearby wearing distinctive clothing and will be carrying red, white and blue balloons. Plan on arriving approximately 45 minutes before start time to find your team and get organized. All pace team leaders will wear a respective “Pace Goal” sign identifying the goal time for their team.

Are we going to go out right on pace?

More or less. Some pacers go out a little slower the first half of the race and try to do “negative splits.” Others go out just a little faster to build some “cushion” just in case people have to slow down at the end. Either way, the idea is to run EVEN. That’s what pacing is all about.

Will we stop at water stations?

This depends on the pace leader. Most pace leaders will at least slow down at the water stations to make sure everyone gets properly hydrated. Some will stop and walk briefly. Your pace leader will let you know the plan ahead of time and the team strategy will be reviewed before the start of the race.

Will there be walking breaks?

Again, this depends on the pace leader. We will be encouraging walking as an important part of the marathon pace team. Most pacers will take walking breaks. Some will stop and walk briefly at the water stations, for example.