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Why Houston?

By Ambassador Emilia Benton When it comes to nailing down my one marathon for the year, the decision is always an easy one for me: the Chevron Houston Marathon, duh. I ran my first Houston Marathon in 2012, sort of by accident after I was initially set to run the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. After

Becky Wade’s Summer Training Update

By Houston Marathon Foundation Ambassador Becky Wade I’m back in Houston after a summer of roaming, and have to admit that I’m so glad to be back in the sauna-like conditions I’ve trained in my whole life, and reunited with the people and community that reinforce my goals daily. After spending a couple weeks in

Texas Summer Running Tips

It's that time of year in Houston...the days are hot and humid and it's tough to think about getting your mileage in. Ambassadors Sara and Lindsay are here to give you some running and hydration tips to keep you moving during the hot summer months. Summer training and my favorite Houston group runs By Ambassador

How Will You Train for the 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon?

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By Ambassador Heather Foley So...you’ve signed up for the Chevron Houston Marathon...YAY! What now? 1) Be really excited and tell everyone you know. Post your “In Training” badge everywhere! 2) Go get fitted for a really good pair of shoes. You will be in them a lot. 3) Train hard. How much time you spend

Ambassadors April and Bryan Share What Running Means to Them

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Why I Want to Run the Chevron Houston Marathon By April Ockerman I started running about three years ago as a way to get in shape after having kids. Running is a type of exercise that doesn’t necessarily require equipment, unless you want a treadmill, and can be done at any time - day or

Happy (Day After) National Running Day!

By Becky Wade It’s wild to think that we’re already halfway to the next Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon, not to mention another Olympic year. So what does a professional runner with Olympic dreams do during the in-between? The Houston Marathon Foundation and I will fill y’all in through regular updates during

Three Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for the Chevron Houston Marathon

By Ambassador Cintia Listenbee What if changing your life was as simple as the click of a mouse? Would you dare to to do it? Training for the Chevron Houston Marathon and the Aramco Houston Half Marathon have the power to transform your life. How so? It has changed mine as well as the lives

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